The Dupe: A Life Lesson from Football

Deal with it. - Noel Vasquez



mass medium (Media)


: a medium of communication (as newspapers, radio, or television) that is designed to reach the mass of the people

The mass Media's primary goal is to make money. This has become much harder for print, radio and television since the advent of the internet. The internet has become the great equalizer giving a worldwide platform to anybody with a internet capable device. Everybody's voice can now be heard. The really interesting thing is that there are some more intelligent people in the world than the ones on the television or working for the newspapers. Who knew? These voices can often be found on blogs.

Blogs, however, are really cutting into the control and profits of the main stream media. A way to attract more attention back to main stream media, is to sensationalize the news. This involves taking some small fact or picture and contorting the reality and integrity of the situation to create a more interesting story while ignoring the truth. Mass media almost always colors the story with a negative spin which usually gets more traction than a positive spin. Traction equals viewers equals more money. Sprinkle in some real stories with the spin and you have mass media "news".

Another benefit, is that these media giants now control the masses, to some degree, and which products they buy, who they vote for, who they like and more importantly, who they hate. This ability also leads to more money.

The Dupe is a common occurrence and results from believing these stories, not checking the facts, and more importantly, letting the media tell you what to think about things. Many people will just accept these contorted stories as facts and adopt them as there own ideas. It is interesting that even when they see the media contort the facts that they know to be wrong, they just overlook that particular situation and believe the rest.

In fact, people are Duped everyday by every "news" channel. Even the President does it, Congress does it, local politicians, schools, brothers, sisters, even ex-wives do it. In fact the more vanilla the story, the more spin it requires. Nobody wants to watch a national story about how a football star gives a football away to a child after every touchdown. The news media just cant make a profit off that. Dupers demand more! They need dirt. They don't care if its accurate. That doesn't matter. Does it sell?

Cam Newton is the trendy pick of sports writers. It is unfortunate that he is so easy to target. His super human talent, his level of confidence, perfect body, good looks, some of his mannerisms and the perfect name for the haters. Add an "s" and you have a perfect villain to sell your "news". The Dupes will not be fooled by his "fake smile" and the fact that his Dad was investigated and found innocent for the "Pay for Play" incident. Actual, facts have no weight. Actual facts don't attract viewers, clickers, or readers. Hype, spin, controversy, that's the ticket.



Cam may idolize Superman, but Dupes love a good villain. That is reality. That is the bottom line. I challenge you; don't be a Dupe. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Your ears can hear the lies, but your eyes will see the truth. Don't let people tell you how to think. Use your brain and come up with your own interpretation of the facts. Its hard sometimes to know the truth, but I find a cool wet towel on my head actually helps me think more clearly.

(Actual names of the duped have been removed in an effort to protect the ignorant. Any resemblance to actual Dupes or Dupers may or may not be a coincidence.)

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