DT Draft Blame Game Debunked


We love blaming everything on Marty Hurney for not getting us a DT in the last 6 years. I got curious and dug up info into draft picks from 2007 to 2012. Here is what I found.

From 07-12, NFL teams have drafted 121 DT. Of those drafted, only 37 players are listed as a starter for their teams. Only 6 of those players being pro-bowlers. -2007 Paul Soliai(4th Rnd, 9th selection) -2009 BJ Raji(1st Rnd, 9th overall), Henry Melton(4th Rnd, 5th selection) -2010 Ndamukong Suh (1st Rnd, 2nd overall), Gerald McCoy (1st Rnd, 3rd overall), Geno Atkins(4th Rnd, 22nd selection)

Carolina had 49 total picks over those years, using 3 selections for DT. -2009 Corvey Irvin (3rd Rnd, 29th selection) -2011 Terrell McClain (3rd Rnd, 1st selection), Sione Fua (3rd Rnd compensatory pick)

We only really missed out on 3 probowlers during those years, the other 3 were selected before our turn. Remember so did 28 others teams. I will just post, hit or miss instead of putting grade on selections.

-2007 draft DT Adam Carriker picked #13, we had 14th pick that year. Missed out on Carriker and traded back to pick Jon Beason, Hit. Missed out on Brandon Mebane in 3rd Round, only because we draft Charles Johnson 2 picks before, Hit. 4th Rnd Probowler Paul Soliai is selected 5 picks before our selection, Huge Miss.

-2008 draft 1st Rnd pick Jonathan Stewart and Jeff Otah, Hit. 3rd round selections Charles Godfrey, Hit and Dan Connor, Miss. Pat Sims taken 3 picks after Connor, Miss.

-2009 draft (total crap except for Munnerlyn in 7th Rnd) No first round pick, and Marty has huge Miss with selecting Everette Brown in 2nd round (gave up 2010 1st in trade). Corvey Irvin selected in 3rd round ahead of Henry Melton in 4th, Huge Miss.

-2010 draft No first round pick again, 5 DT starters selected in 1st Rnd, 2 Probowlers. Our 1st selection of draft is Jimmy Clausen selected 9 picks ahead of Terrence Cody in 2nd round, Miss. 3rd rnd Brandon Lafell, and trade back in 4th rnd, Geno Atkins is selected by Cincy, Huge Miss. Our 5th round pick is traded for DT Tank Tyler for help that season, and we miss out on Cam Thomas, Miss.

-2011 draft #1 overall selection Cam Newton, Hit. 6 starting DT taken until our next selection, Terrell McClain, who we took 12 picks ahead of Jurrell Casey, Miss.

-2012 draft 1st selection Luke Kuechly, Hit. Missed out on 3 starters until 2nd round, then selected Amini Silatolu 9 picks ahead of Kendall Reyes, Push as of now.

I honestly don't blame Marty, he had great picks and bad. Had we hit on another starter in a previous year, then we may not have picked Star or Kawann this year. I think the sky is the limit with these 2 rookies, hopefully the wait was worth it.

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