CSR Mailbag 5/7/13: Your questions answered by real football experts

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

You've sent some great questions to our mailbag, and now it's time to let our real football experts answer them.

Greetings, Panthers fans. A couple of weeks ago I introduced a new feature that we were going to try here at CSR called the CSR Mailbag. While there haven't been as many questions as I thought there would be, we did have a few questions sent to us, and since I promised answers from real football experts, I'm here to answer those questions for you today.

Please note that these questions were asked pre-draft. I meant to write this post before the draft started, but I got caught up in other things and never found the time to do it, so my apologies to you if these questions have already been answered for you. I'll try to do better next time.

Also, note that the names and locations of those asking the questions have been changed to protect the innocent.

Anyway, on to the questions.

Since Coach Rivera is obviously in jeopardy of losing his job yet GM Gettleman is looking to establish himself as a team builder, are the Panthers drafting to win this year or to build the team towards years of success? -Don, A Hotel in California

Thank you for sending your question, Don. I think if you look at how the team drafted this year, they are doing a little bit of both. Gettleman gave Rivera two stud DT's to solidify the defensive line and strengthen both the run defense and pass rush, but he also built a defensive line that should stay together for the next 5-10 years.

You can also see the foresight by Gettleman by the selections of LB AJ Klein and RB Kenjon Barner, as both appear to be in the cards for 2014 and beyond while adding quality depth for 2013.

I was just wondering if making Hardy a full time UT would be a way to keep him. He could also play the DT/DE in a 3-4 look and back up the DE spot in a 4-3 look assuming we had another UT or keep Edwards for the full 2 years. He is 300 lbs, strong enough and I believe that he played well there in the pass rush situations we put him in last year. I know 2 years ago he was terrible against the run and did improve last year but still isn't great when on the outside. We could draft a DE in the first or play Alexander more and let hardy learn from Edwards for another year. My thinking is to resign him to DT money instead of DE money. -Roger, Heaven and Hell

Thank you for sending your question, Roger. I don't think moving Hardy to UT would be prudent, even if the Panthers didn't draft Kawann Short in the 2nd round of the draft. Despite his ability to play UT in some rotations that gives the line more flexibility, Hardy is best suited as a DE who can rush the passer, and taking him out of the DE spot save for a few plays per game doesn't make the best use of his talent.

As far as the "resign him to DT money instead of DE money" is concerned, if only it were that simple. Hardy - unless he has a horrible 2013 - is going to command a hefty salary, and unless Gettleman figures out a way to get out from under a few other burdensome contracts, the Panthers may not be able to afford to sign him long-term deal (assuming they would want to sign him long-term, that is).

What is the panthers history with drafting people that have visited with the team pre-draft? Am I reading too much into these visits? To know about a player can also reveal unknown flaws, so are we reading too much into all the connections with someone like Keenan Allen? -Leonard, Sweet Home Alabama

Thank you for sending your question, Leonard. As far as I know, the Panthers don't draft players they haven't met with in the pre-draft process. As far as Keenan Allen is concerned, I think there was a definite interest, but when they saw the opportunity to draft Kawann Short and set their defensive line for the next decade, they felt it was an opportunity they couldn't pass up (no pun intended).

I'm planning on attending Panthers' training camp this year and it will be my first year attending. Would it be possible for someone to write up a beginner's guide to attending training camp? What to expect? What to bring? What kind of expectations should you have of actually interacting with players? -Floyd, The Great Gig in the Sky

Thank you for sending your question, Floyd. We will have training camp information available on CSR when it gets closer to time for camp to begin, so stay tuned for that.

What ever happened to that Bill Goldberg guy the Panthers picked up in the 1995 Expansion Draft? I don't see his name on the roster anymore, and would greatly like to know how his playing days were spent and what he is up to now. -Michael, Radio Free Europe

Thank you for sending your question, Michael. Bill Goldberg took the teachings he learned from those two weeks of being on the Panthers roster and put them to good use in the WCW and WWE as a professional wrestler. He was undefeated in WCW until the Starrcade PPV in 1998 when Scott Hall used a cattle prod to stun him, allowing Kevin Nash to defeat him for the WCW title.

After wrestling in Japan for a year, Goldberg made his debut in the WWE in 2003 where he eventually won the WWE championship at the Unforgiven PPV. After wresting in WWE for a little over a year, Goldberg left the WWE, and hasn't competed in a major wrestling company ever since.

As of 2010, Bill Goldberg hosts his own tv show on the DIY Network called Garage Mahal. (At least that's what his Wikipedia page says.)


Thank you for sending in your question, WB. Wait, that's not a question. Who gave that guy the email address?! SECURITY! Escort this troll back to his bridge please!

And there you have it folks! This edition of CSR Mailbag is now in the books. If you have any burning questions about CSR or the Panthers, feel free to send them to csr.mailbag at gmail.com and we'll try to answer them next time.

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