Is Newton Being Misunderstood Yet Again?


Yesterday durning Cam Newton's press conference Jordan Gross photo-bombed Newton with a quick little dance behind his back. Newton didn't respond to Jordan in a typical fashion and therefore he has again opened himself up for scrutiny.

Newton is so scrutinized and the media response to anything he does is so predictable that immediately after the photo-bomb Bill Voth made the following tongue-in-cheek comment on Twitter:

Yet while Voth was joking the vultures instead circled and within the hour Voth had already seen two posts taking what he thought was a joke and making it reality:

So if you are a vulture and only watch the 6 second clip you can immediately assume you know exactly what was going through Newton's brain:

Cam Newton apparently hates photobombs | For The Win
Should we read into this? Is Cam Newton not down with shenanigans? Does this point to a larger rift between the quarterback and his offensive line? Of course you might say that it’s a stupid photobomb and there’s nothing to read into it, but…actually, yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Sorry, everyone.

Sorry Nate but I think you go it wrong, like really wrong. Maybe you should watch a little more than the 6 second clip:

In the full video you can see Newton is actually being coy with the crowd about acknowledging what just happened but then cracks a joke about it when asked the next question. But let's not let the whole story ruin a good chance to smear Newton yet again. Clicks are clicks right?

Let's actually consider this from the other side? What does it say about Newton that Gross would play some shenanigan's on him? Sure Gross has always been a bit of the lock room joker, we saw it with he and Delhomme and a little Matt Moore as well. I don't recall seeing anything like that with JC. Why can't these vultures instead see the prank for what it was, a jokester picking on a guy that he knows can take it even though he is anything but polished in the limelight of the interview camera. I see it as a positive sign of maturity and not damning evidence of just the opposite.

So you tell me, am I wearing rose colored glasses or is this just the vultures attacking a preferred target?

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