2013 NFL Offseason: Jon Beason called out for lack of restructured contract

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CBS Sports columnist Brett Jensen rips Jon Beason for not restructuring his contract, but is he right in doing so?

In a recent column in CBS Charlotte's online sports section, Brett Jensen called out Jon Beason for his lack of a restructured contract when other veterans have taken new deals.

The article, titled "Everybody Restructures But Beason" is basically a slam piece directed at the Panthers linebacker, calling him out for not being a team first player when other veterans like Jordan Gross and DeAngelo Williams have restructured their deals to help the team wade through the salary cap disaster created by former GM Marty Hurney.

Here's a snippet from Jensen's article:

Those players also knew that the only way Carolina was going to get better was to bring in some free agents to help out a secondary that is the worst in the NFL, as well as other positions, and that the only way it could do that was to give the team more salary cap room by redoing their deals.

But not Beason.

The Panthers owe him another whopping $10 million for this season. And he will get it, which is a shame.

Carolina should tell him, if you restructure your deal this year by taking a 50 percent pay cut, we will guarantee you money next year, as well. They could also load it with incentives and reward him for helping out the team this year.

However, apparently that's not going to happen. By all accounts, Beason isn't going to restructure. And if true, that speaks volumes.

And because of that, regardless of what type of season he has, the Panthers should cut him at the end of the season. He won't help them, so they shouldn't help him.

He's simply not worth it.

Now, I won't disagree with the notion that restructuring Beason's deal is a good idea. We've discussed that plenty of times here on CSR and most of us agree that Beason is overpaid due to the uncertainty surrounding his recovery from multiple injuries. But, what Jensen fails to mention in his Beason bash fest is that the Panthers have yet to ask Beason to restructure his contract.

According to a recent article for Inside the Panthers by Jonathan Jones, the team hasn't approached Beason about a restructure.

There are no indications the Panthers have approached Beason about restructuring his contract, which he inked in 2011 as a five-year, $51.5 million deal. Since then he's suffered an Achilles injury that sat him out nearly all of the 2011 season, and shoulder and knee injuries kept him out of three-quarters of last year.

At $8.4 million under the cap, the Panthers aren't under any great pressure to restructure another contract, especially one for a former Pro Bowl linebacker who just lost his starting middle linebacker position.

If Jones is correct and the team hasn't approached Beason, then Jensen needs to cool his jets and give Beason some slack. NFL players don't have to give their money back after they've signed the dotted line, and it's not Beason's fault that Marty Hurney gave him the contract he did.

Also, to be fair to Hurney, there was no indication at the time of the contract signing that Beason would spend the next two years on injured reserve. You can't really blame a GM for giving a big contract to one of the top MLB's in the league; it's not like they can look into a crystal ball and predict the future before they hand over the contract.

However, if Jones is not correct and Beason flat out refused to restructure his deal after being asked by the team, then Jensen can blast him all he wants. It would probably be a good idea to make sure his facts are in order before pulling the trigger, because now that his shots have been fired there's no going back.

What do you think Panthers fans? Does Beason deserve the verbal beating he received from Jensen? Sound off in the comments!

Hat tip to carolinapillpusher for his fanshot that led me to Jensen's article.

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