Offseason Dream Scenarios and Rosterbation

1. It's rosterbation. The details don't have to be fully worked out.
2. Though it's rosterbation, don't get grossly out of hand. Be somewhat reasonable. Carolina_panthers_c_newton_bed_new_football_final_web_4_medium


My three moves, in descending order of reality:

Dream Move 1:

Eric Winston, RT signed for 3 years/$6 million guaranteed

What it means: This year, we could repair one of our weakest links up front with a guy that fits our system. It also takes us off the hook from having to upgrade both OT spots next off season.

Why it could happen: Many potential/interested teams have either already found their RT, or now seem okay with what they have (Chargers, Bengals, Dolphins, Cowboys, Titans)

Why it wouldn't happen: Winston wants $$$, we don't have a lot of $$$. Also the Cowboys could make a power move for him.

Dream Move 2:

Hakeem Nicks signs multi-year deal in 2014 with Panthers
What it means: We FINALLY get a #1 WR to pair with Smitty in his final season. Cam gets an experienced longterm weapon to grow with him in Charlotte. We could be free to use our 2014 first-round pick to fill Gross's LT spot instead of being forced to take a WR early.

Why it could happen: It's hard to see the Giants giving both Cruz and Nicks the longterm big bucks, especially with Rueben Randle in the fold. Cruz gets the nod because of Nicks's injury history. Also Randle's skill set is closer to Nicks than Cruz, making Nicks a hair more expendable. In a bidding war against other NFL teams, Carolina also could get the vaunted "hometown" discount.

Why it won't: Even if they can't work out a deal this year, the Giants could just franchise Nicks. Also I'm thinking Nicks will need at least $8M per year, or at least $20M guarenteed over 5 years. Will the Panthers have that kind of cap room?

Dream Move 3:

Eric Weddle, S from Chargers for DeAngelo Williams, Joe Adams, and James Dockery

What it means: Rivera gets the safety he wants and needs for the defense. The Chargers upgrade their backfield and wideout competition for one last hurrah with Rivers. They also could use another CB, especially since Marcus Gillchrist (2nd round Clemson 2011) is already being moved to a safety spot. Could also help free up the Chargers from Weddle's contract.

Why it works: It doesn't really work. Except for in Madden. The Chargers will need to do something with Weddle's contract though.

Why it doesn't work: Rules, money, contracts, etc.

So that's it for now. With these 3 moves, I think we are a Superb Owl contender in 2014
Your thoughts?
Your moves?

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