The CSR interactive fan map is back for your enjoyment!

I know this has nothing to do with the article, but how can I not use this picture? I mean, come on - it's Jerry Richardson in a golf cart. - USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago we created a fan map for CSR. Since our membership has grown in those two years, it's time to re-visit the map and let the new members mark their places in our CSR universe.

Update: The open edit feature on the map has been closed due to increased troll activity. If you would like to have your placemark added to the map, please email us at csr.mailbag at and we will add it for you. You can thank the losers who had nothing better to do than screw with the map for the extra steps you have to take to get your placemark on the map now.

Nearly two years ago, we created an interactive fan map using services provided by our Google overlords so CSR members could place themselves on the map and we could all see where everyone representing Panthers Nation called home.

Over the last two years CSR has experienced a tremendous amount of growth (thanks for that, by the way), and since we have a lot of new members who weren't around when we created the map, I figured it's a good time to bring the map back out so our newer members could have the chance to show where they're from as well.

So, if you joined CSR in the last two years (or if you didn't put your placemark on the map the first time around), feel free to click here and put yourself on the CSR fan map.

In case you're wondering how to do this, it's really simple:

1. Click the link above to access the map.

2. Click the red "edit" button.

3. Click the blue placemark at the top of the map.

4. Mouse over to your location, and click the map.

5. Add your username as the title, and if you wish, a brief description or message.

6. Click OK.

7. Over where the edit button was, click "Save", then click "Done".

That's it - you're now on the map!

Before you head over to add yourself to the map, there are three rules:

1. Do not post any inappropriate images or use any inappropriate words on your placemark. Please stick to using the placemark icons provided by Google to mark your spot on the map.

2. Do not add bogus placemarks. (e.g. - Don't put the Kraken in the ocean.)

3. Do not change anything else on the map.

Failure to follow the first two rules will result in having your placemark deleted, and if deemed necessary you can/will be banned for breaking rule #3.

I know, I know - scary consequences abound! But please, don't be a troll and mess up a good thing. We like having nice things around here, and your cooperation is crucial for that to happen.

Author's note: Thanks to all of you who have already put your placemark on the map. It's really cool to see Panthers fans spread out all over the world.

Oh, and one last thing. Have you liked CSR on Facebook yet? If you said no, then what are you waiting for? Click the like button below to keep up to date with CSR on Facebook!

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