2013 NFL OTAs: Panthers host 59 players at rookie mini-camp

Brian A. Westerholt

The Carolina Panthers are playing host to 59 players this weekend as they conduct their rookie mini-camp. Along with the 5 draft picks and 18 UDFAs, there are 36 players who are trying out for the team in hopes of making the 90-man roster.

As you already know, the Panthers are holding their rookie mini-camp this weekend at Bank of America Stadium. What you may not know, however, is the list of players who are in attendance.

In order to comply with the limitations on player activity in the new CBA, teams in the NFL have to get creative if they want to run drills during these mini-camps. To maneuver around the rules while still being able to scout their rookies, teams host player tryouts.

The Panthers are no different, and now - thanks to Jonathan Jones - we have a list of the players who are in Charlotte this weekend for the mini-camp.

Here is the full list of 59 players - 5 draft picks, 18 UDFAs, and 36 tryout players - who are in attendance, broken down by position. (Note: names in bold italic denote 2013 draft picks, and names with an asterisk denote tryout players.)


Colby Cameron, Matt McGloin*


Kenjon Barner, Chris Douglas*, Lyndon Rowells*


Eric Breitenstein*, Bryson Kelly*, Michael Zordich


Mike Avila*, Brenton Bersin*, Lamont Bryant, Trey Diller, Jordan Hills*, Taulib Ikharo*, James Shaw, R.J. Webb*


Logan Brock*, Nelson Rosario, Brandon Williams


Joe Bonadies*, Darren Evans*, Jermarcus Hardrick*, Jaron Odom*, Jesse Peterson*


Robert Jones, Edmund Kugbila, Tori Mobley, Justin Wells


Brian Folkers*, Korey Neal*


Wes Horton, Bryan Jean-Pierre*, Louis Nzegwu*, Cyril Obiozor*, Craig Roh


Linden Gaydosh*, Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, Casey Walker


Max Gruder*, Max Holloway*, Ben Jacobs*, Damario Jeffery, A.J. Klein, Quan Sturdivant*


Brandon Bing*, Nick Nixson, Armando Murillo*, Isaiah Scott*, Melvin White


DeShawn Grayson*, Rod Issac*, Robert Lester, Josh Nesbitt*


Tyler Morgan*


Jordan Gay*, Morgan Lineberry


Pete Kontodiakos*, Ryan Tydlacka*

In case you're wondering whether or not this tryout is just a waste of time for these guys, it is possible that a few of them could make the team. According to Joe Person, Justin Wells was a tryout player last year, and he was added to the roster when offensive tackle Lee Ziemba was injured. While he hasn't logged any playing time, Wells is still on the roster, and he will participate in the mini-camp again this year.

Do any of the names stand out to you? Do you think any of the tryout players have a chance to make the squad? Feel free to discuss that in the comments section.

Oh, and one last thing - the mini-camp is closed to the public, so if you live near the stadium they won't let you in. (Just doing my civic duty and saving you a trip.)

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