Potential UDFA on Offense that might fit on the Panther's Roster .

Just typing some thoughts on College Players that are either from small schools or are overlooked because of the bigger name's at there school.

I'll start with a couple WR's I found while researching EWU WR Brandon Kaufman. There his teammates and have put up impressive #'s at the FCS level and might be able to do it at the next. I personally would love to draft Kaufman in the 6th RD and bring in both of these guy's to play along side him again. These 3 could provide matchup nightmares that would leave even the Seahawks DB's speachless with a few seasons in an NFL Strength and Conditioning program. Here's there Stats.

Brandon Kaufman: 39Gm's, 221Rec, 3731Yds, 16.5YPC, 95.7YdsPG, 33TD's 6'5, 213lbs, 35.5VertJ, 9-7BJ, 9Bench, 4.57/40YdD

Greg Herd: 39Gm's, 165Rec, 2348Yds, 13.4YPC, 60.2YdsPG, 17TD's, 17Ret, 364RetYds, 43.2YdsPG/ 6'3, 202lbs, 33.5VertJ, 10-9BJ, 13Bench, 4.50/40YdD

Nicholas Edwards: 48Gm's, 215Rec, 2634Yds, 12YPC, 54.8YdsPG, 33TD's 6'3, 204lbs, 40VertJ, 10-9BJ, 16Bench, 4.60/40YdD

Summary: While none have blazing speed, they do however know where the Endzone is, 83 combined TD's. They have size, leaping ability and in the case of Herd return skills that could provide nice depth to are WR core. I think keeping a Tag Team together like this benifits the team the same my the Bengals used Ocho/TJ. Both drafted in the same year out of Oregon State, they became a good #1/#2 WR combo that if you left either one open the other was going to produce. We'd have to use the Freebird Rule with The Triad though. Think of them as a security blanket at WR's 4,5,6 spots. If Smitty, olsen or Lafell are covered up tight we send out one of these guys that will make DB's think twice about covering are main recieving threats to closely.

A OG prospect I hope falls to Undrafted status is Chris McDonald from Michigan State. He's played in 43 career games with 39 starts at RG. Has only aloud 2 sacks in his career with 2431 snaps played at RG. Only Spartons Lineman to start every game between 2011 and 2012 season. Has 135 career Knockdowns with 19 of them being Dominator's. His Pro Day measurements are as follows: 6'4, 300lbs, 31Bench, 5.00/40YdD, 28VertJ and a 9'00BJ. Part of a Run first offense that helped pave the way for 3 different 1,000Yd RB. From his tape and stats I would consider him in the 6th RD but scouts have him rated as a 7th/UDFA. Run heavy teams like are's should consider him a priorty after the Draft if he makes it Undrafted.

A OT prospect that I found quit interesting is Jordan Devey of Memphis. This JUCO transfer started his career at Snow College and started all 24 games, 1558 straight plays, for Memphis at LT, LG, and RT. Played all 3 positions in games against Rice, UAB, ECU, and UCF. As a senior he recieved the teams highest honor, the DeAngelo Williams MVP Award, and recieved the Iron Tiger Award after the 2011 Blue vs Gray game. Has a knee condition called Osgood-Schlatters that didn't allow him to play Football in High School. Served a 2 year mission and his knee condition subsided and he enrolled at Snow College. At his Pro-Day he measured in at 6'7, 317lbs, 21Bench, 5.24/40YdD, 24VertJ, and a 8'2BJ. Is overaged and needs to get stronger to man the LT or RT spot he played in college but he could get looks inside at LG or RG as well. Already married as well.

UConns TE Ryan Griffin has alot to offer this team. He's a dependable pass catcher and a agressive blocker who is just as mean and nasty as most O-Lineman in the NFL. He has a versatile skill set, lining up inline, in the slot or in the backfield. At 6'6 and 261lbs he won't be considered for a field stretching, burner TE's like the Saints or Falcons have but you'll get a respectable 16.9YdsPC from his efforts. The only bright spot on one of the nations worst Offense, he still lead the team in Receptions, 29, and touchdowns, 6, while his career #'s are 116Rep, 1500Yds and 10TDs. NFL scouts compair him Garrett Graham of the Texan's. A sound blocker and pass catcher who is overshadowed in Houston by Owen Daniels better recieving skill set. I could see Griffen playing a simular roll in Carolina where Olsen has a better skill set as a pass catcher/route runner then blocker. Like Graham, if Griffin had to setup and be a starter because of injury are Offense wouldn't see to much of a drop off in production. His Pro Day measurements are as follows, 6'6, 261lbs, 21Bench, 4.89/40YdD, 34.5VertJ and 9.05BJ. He'll need a offseason in the weightroom but by the end of preseason he could force Hartsock off the roster and could give us that 2 TE set that we have been lacking since Newton's rookie season.

That's it i'm done being bored, but if you have any comments on these players or found some of your own the type a comment below.

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