Panthers retrospective draft or: Hindsight's astigmatism.

Let's try a draft strategy based on visual judgment instead of statistics. It would appear that Carolina drafts talent with character quality as an added measurable. Adding character as a measurable means that rebuilding doesn't take as long as you might expect. The team must find leaders on defense and offense. Those leaders will make the players around them better. The MLB is typically your defensive quarterback, but who motivates the trenches and secondary? Leadership isn't defined by the C on the jersey or the label above the name tag. It's defined by effort, accountability and a willingness to follow.

For long term purposes, this list is focused on players under the age of 28.

Defensive leaders

Charles Johnson-check

Greg Hardy-check

Luke Kuechly-check

Jon Beason-check

Captain Munnerlyn-check, (I'm not interested in stabs at his height, or attempts to restrict him to a position, the man plays with passion and seems to always overcome his mistakes.)

Charles Godfrey-check

=6 starters that display some form of leadership on defense.

Offensive leaders

Ryan Kalil-check

Jonathan Stewart-check (when healthy, he brings a nastiness to the RB position that would make Earl Campbell proud.)

Greg Olsen-check

Cam Newton-check, but I'm still waiting for that outward swagger to develop into actual confidence.

=3 and 1/2 starters on offense that show some form of leadership.

From this point of view, it appears that the offensive side needs more leaders. Cam is almost there, so he get's a half a point.

This is my challenge to you. Do some research, find 2 and 1/2 offensive players that you feel embody the leadership qualities I've mentioned to balance the leadership structure.

*A small disclaimer* Players are human. Be wary of your opinions and be objective. The recent comments about Munnerlyn and Beason are the sort of things that should be left to the Charlotte Repeater. I wont fault you if you don't know how to walk in another man's shoes, or even if you just flat out refuse to. After all, who knows what fungus rests in those dark and foreboding insoles. I can reserve the right to ignore you, call INS, call the Cops, contact your local priest, or metaphorically punch you're avatar in the mouth (<--my preference).

Lighthearted jokes, or Pickles in speedos allow for some hilarious banter. Trying to tear a man down for trying to better himself is morbid. If you really feel so strongly about a player, reach out to that player and express to his face your disapproval, then show him the wonderful things you've done with your life that affords you the right to try and dismantle his. If a player does something stupid, thank him for the tackling fuel and blast away.

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