2013 NFL draft: Mel Kiper offers insight on Panthers' draft strategy


While we've been mock drafting, reading mock drafts, and mocking mock drafts, the only thing left to determine is what GM Dave Gettleman himself wants to do in terms of building the roster of the Carolina Panthers. If Mel Kiper in his latest First Draft podcast is any indication, we might be closer to accurately predicting his first picks. (And no, it probably won't be Sheldon Richardson.)

When discussing the possible draft strategy of the New York Giants, Kiper noted that in the "Ernie Accorsi School of Drafting", they do not believe in picking offensive linemen with first round picks; those positions can be filled in later and "coached up."

If Gettleman (who has been a member of the New York Giants front office for 13 years) leans heavily on this experience, you have to believe he will not invest highly in an offensive lineman either. In fact, looking at the draft history of the Giants since Gettleman had worked there, you'll notice two things:

The last time the Giants drafted a guard in the first 3 rounds was Chris Snee 9 (!) years ago in 2004. (via | Nick Laham)

1) They rarely draft offensive linemen in first three rounds.

With the exception of Chris Snee, William Beatty, and Jeff Hatch, no offensive lineman was selected by the Giants in the first 3 rounds in 13 years. This really supports the "Ernie Accorsi School of Drafting" theory that guards and linemen can be drafted later and coached up…

The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and the New York Giants drafting a WR with their top picks. (via | Nick Laham)

2) They always draft a wide receiver. And size does not matter.

Every year since 2005, a wide receiver was selected by the Giants in the top 3 rounds (exception: 2010). Interesting, huh? Also, in selecting a WR, they were open to receivers of all heights, whether tall (e.g. Hakeem Nicks, Ramses Barden, Reuben Randle) or small (e.g. Sinorice Moss, Jerrel Jernigan). Now makes a lot of sense why so many wide receivers are being worked out…

So there you have it. If I were a betting man, the Carolina Panthers are drafting a WR in the first two rounds, especially without a 3rd round pick. They will also definitely NOT draft a guard such as Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper in the 1st round. Whether you agree or disagree with the "Ernie Accorsi School of Drafting," that will probably be how Gettleman builds his roster if he follows the Giants' draft trends.

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