Hit the phones & don't be shy offering UFDA's signing bonus money

The new GM's A+ draft of the first 2 days, started falling with the 4th round pick, dipped further in the 5th round, and crashed and burned in the 6th round. The 3rd day picks probably dropped the Panthers draft grade down to a B- or C+. They totally bungled their last pick, by passing up S's and OT's. Perhaps they can salvage the damage done on the 3rd day, by attacking the UDFA market hard.

Here are the Panthers needs after the draft. OT, both starting OT's will be FA's next year, with no current replacements. No S's were added in the draft, and both starters (Godfrey and Mitchell)could gone next year. They still have no backup receiving TE. The WR depth is OK, though none were drafted, but Smitty will get another year older, with no replacement in Sight. Those are just the critical needs, the Panthers still have some other minor needs, a QB camp arm, a backup OG, a speedy backup DE, a backup OLB, another CB or 2 for camp, and competition for both the P and K.

Priority UDFA's Needed:

WR/RB Sam McGuffie (5'10 1/4", 201) of Rice (54 catches in 2012, 1,000+ yards both receiving and rushing in his 2 seasons), at his Pro Day ran a 4.36-40 (2nd, 2/100ths of a second behind Austin), with a 1.45-10 (2nd among WR's, tied with Tavon Austin), and his change of direction 3-cone drill (6.57) and 20 yard split (3.93) would have been better than any WR or DB at the Combine. He's also very strong with 26 bench reps, with great explosion, a 40.5" vertical, and an 11'2" broad jump. He can be the long awated replacement for Steve Smith, or a Sproles like RB.

WR/H-Back/FB/"Flex" TE Kyler Reed (6'2 1/8", 225, 31 1/8" arms, 10 1/4 hands) of Nebraska (only had 25 catches in 2012, because he split time with TE Ben Cotton), had a great Pro Day running a 4.43-40, with a 1.52-10, while his 6.62 3-cone drill and 4.00-20 yard shuttle (Tavon Austin's was a 4.01) would have ranked 2nd at the Combine among all WR's and DB's. Reed also showed great explosion with a 41" vertical, and a 10'7" broad jump, with 19 bench reps. Reed is a good blocker and has great hands.

OLB Eric Martin (6'0 3/4", 237, 32 3/4" arms, 9 7/8" hands) of Nebraska (played DE, and whad 17 TFL's with 8.5 sacks in 2012), He showed very good speed for a LB (great for a DE) at his Pro Day, with a 4.53-40, 1.61-10, while his 6.63 3-cone drill and 3.97-20 yard shuttle would have both ranked 2nd among all WR's and DB's at the Combine. So he could be a great OLB conversion, and also be an undersized situational pass rusher (like Bruce Irvin last season) as a rookie.

OLB Jeremiah Green (6'1 1/8", 246) of Nevada ran a Pro Day 4.49-40, with a 1.55-10, 6.91 3-cone drill, 4.28-20 yard shuttle, a 39.5" vertical, and a 10'1" broad jump.

DT/DE Glenn Foster (6'3 5/8", 286) of Illinois, ran a Pro Day 4.78-40, with a 1.62-10, 7.09 3-cone drill, 4.45-20 yard shuttle, 39.5" vertical, 10'9" broad jump, and 29 bench reps. He would be a great backup for Hardy and the UT.

TE Lucus Reed (6'6", 247, 35 1/4" arms, 10 1/2" hands) of New Mexico (had 33 catches in 2010, 22 in 2011, and only 5 in 2012), had a great Pro Day, running a 4.65-40, with a 1.61-10, a 6.97 3-cone drill, and a 4.08-20 yard shuttle, with 27 bench reps (2nd most by a TE), a 37" vertical, and a 10'2" broad jump. He should be a great red zone threat.

FS Cody Davis (6'1 7/8", 203, 32" arms, 9 1/2" hands) of Texas Tech, at his Pro Day ran a 4.41-40, with a 1.54-10, a 6.78 3-cone drill, and a 4.00-20 yard shuttle. He also had a 41.5" vertical, a 10'3" broad jump, and 15 bench reps. He's a very sure tackler.

OT Chris Faulk (6'5 1/2, 331, 34 1/4" arms, 9 5/8" hands) was injured and only did 25 bench reps ar the Combine.

OT Rogers Gaines (6'6 1/4, 331, 36 1/4" arms, 10 5/8" hands) of Tennessee St. ran a Pro Day 5.15-40, with 28 bench reps.

OT/OG La Adrian Waddle (6'6", 321, 36" arms, 11 1/8" hands) of Texas Tech, ran a Pro Day 5.37-40, with a 1.81-10, with 28 bench reps. He could be a great OG with those long arms and huge hands.

FS Ray Polk (6'0 3/4", 219, 31 3/8" arms, 9" hands) of Colorado ran a Pro Day 4.40-40, with a 1.59-10, 7.10 3-cone drill, 4.33-20 yard shuttle, 19 bench reps, a 39" vertical, and a 10'6" broad jump.

CB Rod Sweeting (5'11 1/4", 188, 31 1/4" arms, 9" hands) of Georgia Tech ran an "official" Combine 4.42-40, "unofficially" a 4.38-40, with a 1.47-10, a 7.09 3-cone drill, 4.13-20 yard shuttle, 11 bench reps, 37" vertican, and a 10'4" broad jump.

NT Kwame Geathers (6'5 3/8", 342, 35 1/4" arms, 9 1/2" hands) of Georgia ran an "official" Combine 5.44-40, with a 1.88-10.

NT T. J. Barnes (6'6 1/4", 369, 34 7/8" arms, 10 3/4" hands) of Georgia Tech, ran an "official Combine 5.30-40, with a 1.88-10.

DT Brian Arnfelt (6'4 7/8", 302) of Northwestern ran a 4.83-40, with a 1.68-10, and 38 bench reps.

DE/OLB Troy Davis (6'1 3/4", 251) of Central Florida ran an "official" Combine 4.65-40, with a 1.58-10, a 7.03 3-cone drill, a 4.14-20 yard shuttle, 24 bench reps.

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