Post-Draft Final 53 Projection

We don't know who our priority UFAs are going to be yet. Heck, the draft is still going on. But since the Panthers are currently finished I decided to attempt this INSANELY EARLY exercise while I watch the remainder of the proceedings. So going by the players we know about right now, here I go:


QB: C.Newton, D.Anderson, J.Clausen

HB: J.Stewart, D.Williams, K.Barner

FB: M.Tolbert

TE: G.Olsen, B.Hartsock, N.Rosario

WR: S.Smith, B.Lafell, D.Hixon, T.Ginn, K.Pilares, J.Adams

LT: J.Gross, B.Campbell

LG: A.Silatolu

C: R.Kalil

RG: E.Kugbila, G.Hangartner

RT: B.Bell, G.Williams


FS: C.Godfrey, C.Jones

SS: M.Mitchell, DJ.Campbell

CB: D.Florence, J.Norman, DJ.Moore, C.Munnerlyn, J.Thomas, J.Dockery

WLB: J.Beason, J.Williams

ILB: L.Kuechly, C.Blackburn

SLB: T.Davis, J.Senn, AJ.Klein

LE: C.Johnson, T.Keiser

NT: S.Lotulelei, C.Cole, S.Fua

UT: D.Edwards, K.Short

RE: G.Hardy, F.Alexander


LS: JJ.Jansen

P: B.Nortman

K: G.Gano

*** Italicized names represent the players I feel would be inactive on game day (not of the 46).

Notable cuts:

H.Nakamura: I feel that the writing is on the wall with Nakamura. We all know this is his last year with us if he makes the 53. But when I started to look at what to trim it came down to him or Fua. It would seem Fua may be the more obvious choice, but as Ron Rivera mentioned in one of his mid-draft interviews with Gettleman, DJ Moore has the ability to play safety too. Colin Jones is a ST's ace, so he'll be activated each game along with Godfrey. Plus with the emergence of Campbell's potential I think the Team would like to see if he's really a 7th round gem or purely a backup, for the future. You can see I've also projected Mitchell as our starter for Week 1, and just felt 4 safeties felt right.

M.Addison: Just a numbers game, but he could wind up outplaying Keiser during the pre-season and winning his spot. If not, I think he becomes a priority Practice Squad player for us.

R.Brockel: This FB/TE gets beat out by Rosario for the final TE spot.

N.Chandler: As we did with Frank Kearse throughout his career so far, I think Chandler is cut and quickly signed to the Practice Squad until needed.

A.Edwards: It's time...

D.Gettis: His injury has stunted his development and put him behind Pilares (in my mind, but then again Pilares is like my favorite sleeper on the team). And I just don't think we're going to give up so soon on Adams. Plus he's cheap depth for the future. With Gettis, though, this is one guy whom I would love to be proven wrong about.

F.Kearse: Short's selection makes him expendable. Once more cut and once more signed to the Practice Squad.

And there you have it guys! I think the main debate will be the order of my CB's and the projecting that Edmund will win the starting RG spot by Week 1. Anyway, I would love to hear your opinions and look forward to posting another one of these closer to training camp.

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