Feeding the Dragon: 2nd Round Mock from Rumors

I just can't resist the temptation. Let's guess how things go as our dream draft continues... I'm trying to base this off of other teams websites and the rumours out there.

33. Jacksonville: Johnathon Banks, CB
Supposedly they are not interested in a QB. Gus wants a CB and they like Banks. And Banks is a big one. They could also go Cyprien or take a pass-rusher/LEO guy.

34. San Francisco: Zac Ertz, TE
Supposedly, that's who they want to expand the offense. And it reunites Harbaugh with his Stanford guy.

35. Philadelphia: Geno Smith, QB
Chip needs a guy to run his offense. That's why Philly brought him in. Geno's slide ends here.

36. Detroit: Terron Armestead, OT
It's between secondary, Oline, or WR. OT is more urgent. It's not reported they met with either Watson or Armestead, but they would go with Armstead since he is younger and has experience at LT. They could easily take Warford, just that I think they could get better vaule later since they are not a "running" team (where Warford excels).

37. Cincinnati: Eddie Lacy, RB
They need a RB, and are supposedly focused on Lacy. They could go Cyprien, but have already passed on him once.

38. Arizona: Alex Okafor, DE/OLB
This team is the wild-card. They would want a true 3-4 fit for a pass rusher. They could go OT. They could go safety, maybe QB. They likely pass on RB with Lacy gone. They already have a guard. Their fan site seems to like Jaime Collins, OLB as well.

39. New York Jets: Ryan Nassib, QB
The Jets get the guy they wanted at QB. Definite need, and it's hard for me to see them going to USC again for Barkley.

40. Tennessee: Tank Carridine, DE
They could go Cyprien, pass rusher, or CB here. I say they go BPA with Tank, and aim for a DB later.

41. Buffalo: Justin Hunter, WR
Their GM wants threats on offense, especially to go with their new franchise QB.

42. Oakland: DaMontre Moore, DE
Cyprien could be in play. But they have shown interest in Moore, and need to get a pass rusher. (Finished bottom of league in sacks). Plus they went secondary in round 1.

43. Tampa: Jesse Williams, NT
With the pass rushers and Ertz gone, I believe they go for the nose tackle they need. But they could get another CB or go OT.

44. Carolina: ??? Could be a lot of beautiful options, just like last year.

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