2013 Panthers Draft Digest - Rounds 1 & 2

Playing football and being a fan for many years, along with training a wide variety football players from middle school up to Hall of Famer Torry Holt, I have developed my own philosophy of football success. I have borrowed ideas from many other locations of course, but the compilation of which is my own. So with that said here are my thoughts on what my beloved Panthers should do tonight and in the next two days. I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts below.


  1. Draft any of the top three OT's, Luke Joeckel, Eric Fischer, or Lane Johnson. I know the chances of this are next to nil, but I still thought it important to list the importance of the LT position.
  2. Draft DT Star Lotulelei. He has been discussed at length on this site and I think we all would love to have yet another talented D-lineman drop to us due to a supposed hear condition.
  3. Trade down a few spots (Dallas, San Fran, other?). If we can get back a 3rd rounder and still be in the late teens (Dallas) or snag the #31 and #34 picks (San Fran), I think it would be well worth it considering the depth of talent in this draft.
  4. Here is my first curve ball...Draft RT DJ Fluker. I think getting a top end O-lineman is the best way to help our offense...NOT by drafting another young WR. First WR usually need a year or two to really have an impact. Second, I love Tavon Austin, but Cam does have a tendancy to over throw guys at times and with a 5'9" WR that would make matters worse. Third and most importantly, in order for our team to win, get to the playoffs, and have sustained success, we need to have a DOMINATE running game. That is how we have won the past two years. That is how we were 12-4 several years ago. Not to mention, it will take some, not all, the pressure off Cam. I think we have plenty of established weapons on the offense currently with Smitty, DeAngelo, Stew, Olsen, and LaFell. Not to mention developing guys like Joe Adams, Pilares, Hixon and Gettis. Once Smitty does lose a step or retire, it is not uncommon to be able to get a high level WR via free agency.
  5. Draft DT Sheldon Richardson. He is a very quick, athletic, and versitle D-lineman who could develop while we still have Dwan Edwards.
  6. Draft S Kenny Vaccaro. Our Safety position was horrible to say the least last year.


  1. Draft a big run stuffing DT like, Ohio State's Hankins, Georgia's Jenkins, or Alabama's Williams. If we get Star, then we may look elsewhere, BUT if we get Richardson I would LOVE one of these guys to pair with him and develop in front of Kuechley.
  2. Draft a DB like Safety's Florida's Elam or LSU's Reid OR a CB like DJ Hayden or NC State's Amerson.
  3. Draft OT Menelik Watson, Kyle Long, or Terron Armstead.
  4. Draft WR Cordarrelle Patterson. I know what I said earlier about WR's, but in the 2nd round his talent would be WELL worth it.

Well there you have it folks. I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts. I look forward to reading your comments and watching our team select the next crop of Panther studs over the next three days

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