How I see the Panthers' board tonight

This is my evaluation of how I think the Panther’s board will look tonight. I think I have gone deep enough to cover any trade down scenarios that may occur. Please feel free to comment, question, cuss or call me all kinds of names.


Floyd would be a value pick here and I think they would trade the pick if he was there (he won’t). Star would be the one that would give me an orgasm sitting on my couch. He is the only one I see that if he is sitting outside the top ten, they may actually try to trade up to get him.

Kenny Vacarro

I actually prefer Cyprien, but I think they value him. He mostly has played close to the line of Scrimmage and doesn’t have a lot of experience playing back. Just don’t like to have to teach a safety to be a safety, but he is a tackling machine that plays with high energy. He can really take a tight end out for a team which would be valuable against Tampa, Atlanta and New England this year.

Tyler Eifert

Awesome Tight End that could really do damage in a two tight end set. He would instantly upgrade the offense more than any other player.

Tavon Austin

I’m not real high on him. Some people compare him to a faster Steve Smith with the cuts of Barry Sanders. I disagree with this. In space, Tavon is incredible. But Steve Smith plays like he is 6’2. Tavon will be a 5’8 guy playing receiver. I think he is too risky. But he would be a value pick and possible trade bait.

Xavier Rhodes

Good corner who could start right away. Don’t know a lot about him and too lazy to find out.

DJ Fluker

Fluker is a great tackle prospect. The knock on him is that he can’t play left tackle. That is probably right, but I think he will be so good on the right side that he would be hard to pass up later in the first round.

Sheldon Richardson

don’t think the Panthers have him as high as others think. He is an undersized DT that would back up Dwan Edwards and might start next year.


As stated before I prefer him at safety and I would put him higher. He is a hard hitter that can cover and seems to have more upside. But, he often goes for the big hit rather than the wrap up. Have him spend some time with LUUUUUUUUUKE to learn proper technique and he will be great.

Jonathan Jenkins

Gettleman said he wants “Hog Mollies”. I don’t know exactly what that is. I dated a girl named Molly in high school that has ballooned up to about 335, but I think she will be available in the later rounds. Anyway, this guy is huge and quick. He won’t provide much pass rush, but we don’t need that. We need a big guy who can eat up space and let LUUUUUUUUUKE do his thing. I am really high on him and wouldn’t be surprised if he is higher on their board. He is the Molliest of the Hogs


I would also have these guys higher, but I don’t see them taking either one higher. I just think that a solid right guard would do wonders for that line. But Gettleman is traditional so he wouldn’t take them unless they have traded down. .

Sylvester Williams

Wouldn’t it be great to have a player named Sylvester. Then we could hear the transplants call him “Sehvestah”. I like him better than Richardson.

Eric Reid

Solid safety that could upgrade the secondary.

Desmond Trufant

He is a cornerback, but I don’t see him as a number one corner. But the Panthers are a team of number 3 corners, so he would instantly be number 1.

Deandre Hopkins

This is where I depart from those on this website. There is so much value at WR in the second round that I just don’t think they will use a first round pick on one unless they have traded late in the first or totally out of it. I think Patterson has bust written all over him and that Deandre is the best receiver in the draft.

Tank Carradine

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Tank with a Captain on the defense?

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