Putting Some Final Draft Predictions on Paper

Just putting some final thoughts down on how I think things will go.
Agree or disagree or post your own in the comments.

My 8 Picks to Click:

1. Geno Smith goes top 6 in this draft, most likely at #2 overall.
2. Three QB's go in the first round. Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, and Ryan Nassib
3. Manti Teo goes in the first round
4. Lane Johnson won't make it out of the top 5.
5. With the Bucs losing their pick, the Panthers have a 50:50 chance of Shariff Floyd being on the board when they pick. This goes up to almost 100% if Oakland passes in taking a DT.
6. Matt Scott goes by the 4th round.
7. Justin Hunter goes in the first round.
8. Schiano convinces the Bucs to take a QB in the draft

Just for kicks, I did do a 4 round mock. So I will post my exercise in futility here. I think this pretty much guarantees who the Panthers won't be getting.

My Dark Horses at 14:

  1. Vaccaro/Cyprien
  2. Austin (I really doubt he's still on the board at #14)
  3. DJ Fluker

One thing that stood out to me is the difficulty in placing the 2nd tier DTs. Johnathon Hankins and Sylvester Williams have a legitamate shot to go first round. The rest of these guys will go late bottom half of the second round, and perhaps even down into the 3rd round. (Jesse Williams, John Jenkins, Kawann Short, Brandon Williams)

1. Kansas City- Luke Joeckel, OT
Seemingly he's the guy

2. Jacksonville- Geno Smith, QB
Smith is far enough ahead of the other QBs to take him here. Gus can find a good defender later.

3. Miami from Oakland- Eric Fisher, OT (Oakland swaps 1sts, get 2nd and 3rd)
Oakland needs more picks and can go D-line later. Miami needs an LT, and has been in go big or go home mode.

4. Philadelphia- Lane Johnson, OT
That line was U-G-L-Y last year. Jason Peters is 31, weighs 340 lbs, and is comming off of a serious injury. I don’t think he’s a good fit for Kelly’s offense, but Johnson fits it like a glove.

5. Detroit- Ziggy Ansah, DE
With the OT’s gone, fill that big hole at DE with a stud. Nasty D-line.

6. Cleveland- Dee Milliner, CB
No OT’s left for someone to trade up for, so go CB here. Went front 7 in free agency.

7. Arizona- Dion Jordan, OLB
They go for the pass rusher here with the OT’s gone.

8. Buffalo- Tavon Austin, WR
That offense needs some life. Combined with Spiller, defenses will have a lot to worry about.

9. New York Jets- Chance Warmack, OG
They have no starters at guard right now. With two picks, they can afford to reach and snatch him from Tennessee here.

10. Tennessee- Tank Carridine, DE
With Warmack gone as their new RG and no major holes, they go with the pass rusher here…the better DE from FSU.

11. San Diego- Star Lotulelei, DT
They need help on the D-line since the O-line options are gone.

12. Oakland from Miami- Shariff Floyd, DT
They get an extra pick and the tackle they were looking for.

13. New York Jets- KiKi Mingo, DE/OLB
Address that pass rush, to high for Rhodes here.

14. Carolina- DeAndre Hopkins, WR
They have been scouted the WR’s more than any other positions, and really like Hopkins. But the word on the street is Fluker? Maybe. Makes sense. A safety could be a dark horse too.

15. Dallas from New Orleans- Kenny Vaccaro, S (trade 1sts, + 5th rounder)
They like him enough to jump St. Louis to get him. Won’t cost much as New Orleans would take anything for an extra pick.

16. St. Louis- Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
They take a shot on his upside here to give Bradford a playmaker. Hunter is the better wideout right now, but Patterson may be a better fit in their offense opposite Quick.

17. Pittsburgh- Tyler Eifert, TE
Injecting more life into the offense, and the style they play now.

18. New Orleans from Dallas- Jarvis Jones, OLB
They get a stud to provide much needed QB pressure. Plus they love getting an extra pick.

19. New York Giants- Sheldon Richardson, DT
They go with the athletic freak on the D-line.

20. Chicago- Arthur Brown, LB
He will look very nice in the middle of that 4-3

21. Cincinnati- Alec Ogletree, LB
Will be a solid addition for them to help that defense take even another step.

22. Philadelphia from St. Louis- EJ Manuel (2nd 2013 + Nick Foles)
Chip Kelly gets his guy. The Eagles hired him to run his offense, and Vick isn’t the answer. Cleveland wants him, but doesn’t have the ammo to move up. Plus the Rams get a QB who can push Bradford AND fit their system.

23. Minnesota- Justin Hunter, WR
If the Rams pass on him, Minny should jump. Will be a very good WR in a year or two.

24. Indianapolis- DJ Fluker, OT
Building that line to protect their franchise.

25. Atlanta from Minnesota- Melinik Watson, OT (lose 5th Rounder)
Atlanta desperately needs to protect their franchise, and jumps in front of several teams who could be interested. They have picks to burn and reportedly want to move up anyway.

26. Green Bay- Johnathon Cooper, OG
If Rodgers is the guy, you’ve got to protect him better.

27. Houston- Keenan Allen, WR
Could be the best WR in the draft by the time the season starts, and could be a great complement to #80. That offense needs more umph in order to win a Super Bowl.

28. Denver- Bjoren Werner, DE
Remembering his Panthers days, Fox takes a DE here to keep that pass rush strong.

29. New England- Xavier Rhodes, CB
A great option for that secondary.

30. Minnesota from Atlanta- Manti Teo, LB (gain 5th Rounder)
Minny gets an extra pick, and a stud to make the center-piece of the defense.

31. Buffalo from San Francisco- Ryan Nassib, QB (gain 2nd 2013, 3rd 2014)
Buffalo takes their guy, not waiting for him to get past the Jets or Cardinals again.

32. Baltimore- Johnathon Cyprien, S
He just feels like a Raven.

Round 2
33. Jacksonville- Margus Hunt, DE/DT
34. San Fran- Datone Jones, DE/DT
35. St Louis from Philadelphia- Eddie Lacy, RB
36. Detroit- Justin Pugh, OT
37. Cincinnati- Matt Elam, S
38. Arizona- Larry Warford, OG
39. New York Jets- Kyle Long, OG/OT
40. Tennessee- Desmond Trufant, CB
41. San Fran from Buffalo: Zac Ertz, TE
42. Oakland from Miami: Damontre Moore, DE
43. Tampa Bay: Jesse Williams, NT
44. Carolina: Sylvester Williams, DT
45. San Diego: Terron Armestead, OT
46. St. Louis: Eric Reid, S
47. Dallas: Dallas Thomas, OG/OT
48. Pittsburgh: Jamie Collins, OLB
49. New York Giants: Johnathon Banks, CB
50. Chicago: Travis Frederick, C/G
51. Washington: DJ Swearinger, S
52. Minnesota: Johnathon Hankins, DT
53. Cincinnati: DaRick Rodgers, WR
54. Miami: DJ Hayden, CB
55. Green Bay: Giovanni Bernard, RB
56. Seattle: Kawann Short, DT
57. Houston: Khaseem Greene, LB
58. Denver: Blindi-Wreh Wilson, CB
59. New England: Terrance Williams, WR
60. Atlanta: Jamar Taylor, CB
61. San Francisco: David Amerson, CB/S
62. Baltimore: Quinton Patton, WR

Round 3

  1. Kansas City: Steadman Bailey, WR
  2. Jacksonville: Sio Moore, OLB
  3. Detroit: Robert Woods, WR
  4. Oakland: Markus Wheaton, WR
  5. Philadelphia: John Jenkins, NT
  6. Cleveland: Tyler Bray, QB
  7. Arizona: Matt Barkley, QB
  8. Tennessee: Barrett Jones, OG
  9. Buffalo: Travis Kelce, TE
  10. New York Jets: Tyler Wilson, QB
  11. Tampa Bay: Nick Kasa, TE
  12. San Francisco: Darius Slay, CB
  13. New Orleans: David Bakhtiari, OT
  14. San Diego: Brian Schwenke, C
  15. Miami: Alex Okafor, DE
  16. St. Louis : David Quessenberry, OG/OT
  17. Pittsburgh: Phillip Thomas, S
  18. Dallas: Sam Montgomery, DE
  19. New York Giants: Kevin Minter, LB
  20. Oakland from Miami: Logan Ryan, CB
  21. Minnesota: Jordan Poyer, CB
  22. Cincinnati: Johnathon Franklin, RB
  23. Washington: Ryan Swope, WR
  24. Indianapolis: Andre Ellington, RB
  25. Seattle: Aaron Dobson, WR
  26. Green Bay: JJ Wilcox, S
  27. Houston: Brandon Williams, NT
  28. Denver: Gavin Escobar, TE
  29. New England: Tony Jefferson, S
  30. Atlanta: Trevardo Williams, OLB
  31. San Francisco: Marcus Lattimore, RB
  32. Baltimore: Jon Bostic, LB
  33. Houston (comp): Breenan Williams, OT
  34. Kansas City (comp): Malliciah Goodman, DE
  35. Tennessee (comp): Baccari Rambo, S

4th Round
1. Jacksonville: Jordan Mills, OT
2. Kansas City: Mike Glennon, QB
3. Oakland: TJ McDonald, S
4. Philadelphia: Cooper Taylor, S
5. Minnesota: Ryan Otten, TE
6. Arizona: Montori Hughes, NT
7. Cleveland: Jordan Reed, TE
8. Buffalo: Jelani Jenkins, OLB
9. New York Jets: Montee Ball, RB
10. Tennessee: Dion Simms, TE
11. Carolina: Alvin Bailey, OG
12.New Orleans: Kwame Geathers, NT
13. San Diego: Cobi Hamilton, WR
14. Miami: Vance McDonald, TE
15. Tampa: Zac Dysert, QB

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