2013 NFL Draft: A Late Round/UDFA Familiar Name To Consider


Many of you can recall the 2007 draft when the Panthers picked up two extra picks from the Jets in a draft day trade. This franchise changing move ultimately produced three future pro bowlers: Darrelle Revis, Jon Beason, and Ryan Kalil. Amazingly, both teams came out smelling like a rose, but the 2007 Panthers' overall draft could have been even better had they not used their own 2nd round pick to infamously select Dwayne Jarrett. In hindsight, they should have selected his counterpart at USC, Steve Smith.

I was actually hoping the Panthers would take USC's Steve Smith in the second round all the way up until they announced his former teammate's name. Can you imagine what it would have been like to field two Steve Smith's at the same time? It wasn't like the younger of the two was the second coming of the older, but at least we would have been drafting a solid receiver with some understanding of the work ethic it takes to earn a legitimate starting role in an NFL offense, something that Jarrett clearly lacked.

Fast forward to the 2013 NFL draft, where the Panthers will have an opportunity in the later rounds to do what they should have done in 2007. No, there isn't another Steve Smith to take in this draft, but there is another Charles Johnson, and you should take notice. In fact, the Panthers were one of 24 teams represented at Grand Valley State's pro day on March 11, where Johnson was the main attraction, and he didn't disappoint(see chart below).

There isn't enough quality film out there to properly scrutinize some of the more important aspects of Johnson's game like route running, hands, and blocking. However, the tape is adequate enough to conclude that he didn't belong in Division II. His skill set was more suited for the big boy programs of the FBS. The fact that Johnson played in a lower college football division certainly won't do him any favors when it comes to his draft position, but his size and explosiveness will. I predict that he will be drafted somewhere in the 6th round based on his production and athleticism. If the Panthers don't select a wide receiver in the earlier rounds of the draft, then this dynamic receiver could be in play.

Look at it this way: Maybe after reading this article, you won't have to do a double take if you see CAR-CHARLES JOHNSON scroll across the television screen, and who knows, the Panthers' version of Johnson & Johnson could be so valuable that even the Jets' owner would have to consider buying their stock.

Are you willing to buy the soaring stock of this special small school standout? Be sure to let us know in the poll!

Height Weight Forty 3 Cone Bench Vertical Broad Jump
6' 2" 215 lbs 4.35/4.39 6.96 14 39.5 11' 1"

Receptions Yards Yrds/Rec Touchdowns
Junior 56 1,030 18.4 15
Senior 72 1,199 16.7 16

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