CSR NFL Draft Tournament: Final Championship Match


The championship match is finally upon us, and soon we will crown a winner. So who will it be CSR?

I'm not sure I could have predicted the finalists represented in today's championship game. The tandem of WR Cordarrelle Patterson and S Matt Elam breezed through their competition in all three rounds, and so did G Jonathan Cooper and DT Kawann Short. Each of these prospects have question marks, both individually and collectively.

Tandem #1

1st Round: WR Cordarrelle Patterson has excellent size and explosiveness, but seemingly lacks the technical proficiency necessary to be a legitimate number one NFL wide receiver at this time. Patterson might be a bit of a reach at 14, but that didn't stop the Panthers from working him out privately at Tennessee's pro day. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if they liked him enough to bring him to Charlotte.

2nd Round: S Matt Elam is a fast, hard-hitting defensive back who may thrive in the box at the next level, but was mostly a liability in pass coverage while at Florida. With that being said, he would be a steal at 44, but there has been little indication so far that he is high on the Panthers board, other than the fact that they were in attendance at Florida's pro day.

Tandem #2

1st Round: G Jonathan Cooper might be the most pro ready of the four total prospects, but he is a guard, which is usually overlooked in the top half of the first round of most drafts. As far as we know, Cooper has not had a private workout with the Panthers. It is also important to note that Chance Warmack, the consensus #1 guard prospect from Alabama, hasn't had a private workout with the Panthers either. Of course, this could all change as the draft gets closer.

2nd round: DT Kawann Short would ostensibly be a natural fit with the Panthers not only because of the need at the position, but because of his unique ability to both stuff the run and make plays in the backfield. We already know that the Panthers are very interested in Short because he's been in Charlotte for a private workout. By my estimation, he would be a steal at 44.

There you have it CSR. By choosing tandem one, you are placing an elevated value on the so called skill positions, and rightfully so. These are desperate times for the Panthers in terms of what is currently available on this roster at wide receiver and safety. Certainly, the same could be said about the holes we have at defensive tackle and right guard, which makes tandem two awfully appealing. As always, your vote as a whole will ultimately decide who takes home the trophy. This will be close.

The two teams facing off in the final match are:

Team A: Cordarrelle Patterson(WR) and Matt Elam(S)

Team B: Jonathan Cooper (OG) and Kawann Short (DT)

Which one of these tandems do you think will benefit this Panthers' team the most? Vote for your favorite now!

Final Match

1st: WR Cordarelle Patterson
2nd: S Matt Elam
1st: G Jonathan Cooper
2nd: DT Kawann Short

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