Cat Scratch Reader Mailbag: Your burning questions answered by real football experts

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We're shamelessly stealing a feature from Arrowhead Pride by starting up a mailbag where fans can email us with questions about the Panthers and/or football in general. Once we receive the questions, we will pick the best ones and answer them here on CSR for all to see. That's the plan, anyway.

If you've watched James' latest Google Hangout, you probably remember him mentioning that we were planning to bring a mailbag feature to CSR (and if you haven't watched it yet - why haven't you?!), so this is the introductory post that he promised you yesterday.

I got this idea from our friends over at Arrowhead Pride (the Kansas City Chiefs blog for those of you unaware of their presence on SB Nation) where they provide a service to their readers by having a mailbag available where fans can email questions to be answered by their knowledgeable staff.

Since we like to steal ideas amongst friends in the SB Nation network, I've decided that a mailbag is something that we should implement here at CSR so you guys have a place where you can email questions that you may have because you can't find the answers anywhere on the internet (or because you're too lazy to look - whatevs).

I would love for this feature to stick so we can all share knowledge with one another to further everyone's understanding of how stuff works in the NFL. However, no matter how hard we try to make this work, the success of this venture entirely depends on you. We can't answer questions if you don't ask them, so please take advantage of this new (and totally free) service by emailing us with your burning questions. (You know you have questions - it's ok to admit it.)

My initial plan is to do a mailbag once every week or so (I may spread it out to every two weeks, depending on the number of questions), but again I can't do this if we don't have any questions to answer, so please ask away so we can bestow our knowledge upon you and make you all better people. (Just kidding...maybe.)

By now I'm sure you're wondering where to send the questions, so I guess it would be a good idea to give you the email address. To send questions to the mailbag, just shoot an email to csr.mailbag at gmail dot com. (Note: Make sure you put the period between csr and mailbag, otherwise we won't receive your question. And, before you ask - yes I had to put the period in there because csrmailbag was taken.)

Oh, and please make sure you only ask questions that are Panthers and/or football related. We're willing and able to answer any questions you have about the Panthers, the NFL, league rules, the salary cap, and any other football related topics you can come up with, but we'd like to keep the off-topic questions to a minimum. (see update below)

Well, that about wraps it up. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: After some thought, I've decided to have more fun with this. Ask anything you want, just keep it somewhat clean (no x-rated stuff). Ask away!

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