Mock to 14: Who the heck do you take with what remains?

Here is how I see the first 13 picks playing out:

1. Kansas City- Luke Joeckel, OT

Seemingly he's the guy, and it doesn't seem like anyone will trade up here.

2. Jacksonville- Geno Smith, QB

Smith is far enough ahead of the other QBs in the draft to take him here. Especially if your starter is Blaine Gabbert. Gus can find a good defender later, and I don't think Dion Jordan is an elite slam dunk prospect.

3. Miami from Oakland- Eric Fisher, OT

Miami has the extra 2nd round pick to make the power move and snatch up a top prospect at a need position. Oakland is in desperate need of picks, and can probably still land a good D-line player further down in the draft.

4. Philadelphia- Lane Johnson, OT

That line last year was U-G-L-Y. Jason Peters is 31, weighs 340 lbs, and is comming off of a serious injury. I don't think he's a good fit for Kelly's offense, but the athletic Johnson fits it like a glove. Dion Jordan was tempting, but I think Kelly goes offense here.

5. Detroit- Ziggy Ansah, DE

They don't have a starter at DE, and the top OTs are gone. I think they can still land a good CB later at better value.

6. Cleveland- Dee Milliner, CB

They really went after pass rushing OLBs in free agency. Shore up that CB spot, and that defense could be nasty.

7. Arizona- Dion Jordan, DE/OLB

They need to up their pass rush and the major OTs are gone here

8. Buffalo- Tavon Austin,WR

I think they are desperate for a playmaker on offense. Plus he could really fit well in the new offense they want to run. Could be a monster with Spiller.

9. New York Jets- Kiki Mingo, DE/OLB

Rex's D has to get to the QB. I think they would value the hole at pass rusher over the hole at guard. And Milliner is already off the board here.

10. Tennessee- Chance Warmack, G

Tennessee wants to get back to a brusing running game. Him with Levitre and their other guys makes this a nasty O-line for Coach Munchak, a former O-lineman. With few holes, Warmack could be BPA for them.

11. San Diego- Star Lotulelei, DT

They need a NT. They miss out on the elite O-lineman, and don't see a WR they want this early.

12. Oakland from Miami- Shariff Floyd, DT

Oakland gets the extra pick they so desperately need, and still land a top talent for their D-line.

13. Tampa Bay- Bjoren Werner, DE

They need to shore up the DE end spot. They were bottom of the league in sacks, plus their best pass rusher is gone. I think Rhodes is a reach here, and they can get a good CB later.

14. Carolina- ???

So here's the problem for the Panthers. The top talent is gone, with a lot of questions about the other guys:

Sheldon Richardson- Can he stop the run, and are we even interested?

DeAndre Hopkins-Is he a reach?

Keenan Allen- Is he a reach?

Cordarrelle Patterson- Will he be a good pro?

Jarvis Jones- Do we actually want him?

Jesse Williams- Is he a reach?

Kenny Vaccaro- Is he a reach?

Johnathon Cyprien- Is he a reach?

Johnathon Hankins- Are we interested in him?

Tyler Eifert- Is he too much like Olsen?

Johnathon Cooper- Is he a reach?

Xavier Rhodes- Are we even interested?

Who is really worthy of our #14 pick if we can't trade back? Pick the guy you like. I put a star next to the guys we have shown interest in. Good luck to the Panthers, I don't have a clue.

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