2013 NFL draft: Predraft visits for the Panthers that haven't happened, but should have

Streeter Lecka

There are some excellent first and second round options Carolina haven't explored, and it's unclear why.

It's not unusual for teams to avoid players they haven't visited with privately before the draft. Aside from the obvious lack of interest, a private visit allows for teams to have prospects run thought their offense/defense, getting hands-on experience with a player's ability to process information, follow instruction, and get a sense of their work ethic. In each of the last two drafts the Panthers have spent extensive time with the player who wound up being their first round pick. This year they've met with a lot of wide receivers, but eight days before the draft it's hard to get an idea of which player they're most interested in. There are some guys who seem like natural fits, but for whatever reason haven't met with the team -- these players are the focus today.

Not every prospect workout is made public. It requires a triumvirate of either the player, agent, or team making the meeting public -- and even then it can be difficult to guarantee a player has been in.

Star Lotulelei

Perhaps it's a product of their projection, but it's surprising to see the Panthers haven't brought in one of draft's top defensive tackles. It's easy to write it off as 'he wont be there', but in 2012 Carolina met with both Matt Kalil and Justin Blackmon -- in both cases it was highly unlikely either would be there at the pick either.

Dave Gettleman isn't known coming from a draft tradition of early DT picks. Perhaps that's playing a role, but given the team has met with both Sharrif Floyd and Sheldon Richardson, it's odd to see Carolina not work out all three.

D.J. Swearinger

It would be easier to write off the idea of a free safety if the team had met exclusively with players like Jonathan Cyprien and Zeke Motta -- but with the news that Kenny Vaccaro visited Charlotte, that idea is turned on its head. He projects almost exclusively to free safety in the NFL, but that's okay -- especially when the Panthers could be looking for a replacement for Charles Godfrey in two years.

Swearinger is rangy, athletic, and plays bigger than his frame. The team has valued guys with his aggression in the past, plus his name reminds me of 'Deadwood' -- which is always a good thing. As it stands Swearinger could be the perfect match of need and BPA with the 44th pick, but there has been little interest from the Panthers.

Chance Warmack

A fan-favorite for a long time, there are plenty who think Warmack is the best player in the draft -- independent of any position. A mean right guard, he would instantly upgrade Carolina's run game, and provide an excellent pass blocker from the guard spot. The need is there, and while taking any guard in the top-fifteen is a risky proposition, Warmack is the one guy who could be worth it.

Perhaps they don't believe he'll be there at 14, especially after meeting with several teams picking in the top-ten, but even as a case of due dilligence, you think he'd be in the mix.

Jesse Williams

Given the draft is next week, Williams is an enigma. He hasn't worked out for the Panthers -- in fact, he hasn't worked out for anyone I can find. This is likely a product of an agent keeping his mouth shut, and a player doing the same -- rare in this age of social media.

Put on your tinfoil hat and perhaps it's because the Alabama defensive tackle has a first-round guarantee from a team, but it's surprising he hasn't been to Charlotte. His athleticism and aggressiveness as a nose tackle is unmatched in this draft (with the exception of Lotulelei) and his versatility is something the Panthers should crave in either a 4-3, or 3-4 front -- but there's no evidence there's any interest.

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