New Safety Prospect to look at

Found this kid from Texas Tech the other day while I was researching some UDFA prospects the other day and thought I'd write something up and see what everyone thought of him.

SS Cody Davis, Texas Tech:

Measurments: 6'2, 203lbs

Pro Day Results: 40/4.41, 20/2.58, 10/1.54, Bench 15, Vert 41.5, Broad 10'3", 20Shuttle/4.01, 3 Cone 6.79.

Stats By Season:

2009: GP/12, Solo/58, Asst/23, Total/81, Sacks/0, TFL/2, FF/0, FR/0, PDef/6, Int/0

2010: GP/13, Solo/68, Asst/19, Total/87, Sacks/1, TFL/7, FF/3, FR/1, PDef/4, Int/1

2011: GP/11, Solo/72, Asst/21, Total/93, Sacks/0, TFL/3, FF/1, FR/0, PDef/5, Int/0

2012: GP/13, Solo/84, Asst/17, Total/101, Sacks/0, TFL/4, FF/0, FR/0, PDef/7, Int/3

Total: GP/49, Solo/282, Asst/80, Total/368, Sacks/1, TFL/16, FF/4, FR/1, PDef/22, Int/4


2012 NCAA Ranking: 4th/Solo Tackles with 84, 7th/Solo Tackles per Game with a 6.46 avg

2012 Big 12 Rankings: 2nd/Solo Tackles with 84, 8th/Total Tackles with 101, 8th/Total Tackles per Game with an 7.8 avg

2011 NCAA Rankings: 4th/Solo Tackles per Game with a 6.55 avg

2011 Big 12 Rankings: 1st/ Solo Tackles per Game with a 6.55 avg, 5th/Total Tackles per Game with a 8.55 avg and 5th/Solo Tackles with 93

2010 Big 12 Rankings: 20th/Total Tackles per game with a 6.7 avg and 17th/Total Tackles with 87

Outlook: Is a classic in-the-box SS type who is at his best when reading the eyes of the QB and attacking the line of scrimage. While not much much of an Interception threat Davis breaks down well against athletic ball-carriers in the open field and has long, strong arms to wrap-up tackle, while also keeping his hands active to pry away the football. Davis will have to prove to teams that he has the athleticism to handle coverage responsibilities in the NFL. He has the Size, Speed, Durability and open field tackling skills that have been absent in are secondary for the past few seasons.

While at the Super Regional Combine in Dallas NFL scouts were quoted as saying that Davis's size and agility along with his suprising ball skills would make him a mid 3 to 4 round talent and could be one of the biggest sleepers in this years Safety Class.

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