NFL Draft 2013: A Carolina Panthers Mock Draft Unlike Any Other


If you were looking for just another cookie cutter mock draft, then you came to the wrong place. Some of you will be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about what might become of this team should we go in a direction that is similar to the one I've presented today, while others will cringe at the mere thought of the Panthers completely passing over a player or position that they had in mind. Either way, why don't you just sit back, relax, and enjoy this bold mock draft for its unrivaled uniqueness?

1st Round: WR DeAndre Hopkins

I'm sure many of you will tell me this selection is a reach because every other mock draft has Hopkins being taken in the latter part of the first round or the early portion of the second round. Personally, I couldn't care less about what any of the other prognosticators have to say about the former Clemson Tiger standout. Hopkins' game film tells me all I need to know about who he could become more than any forty yard dash ever could. Just ask the man for whom Hopkins patterns his game after, Chris Carter. If he wants to emulate a Hall Of Famer, then why not give him the opportunity to pursue greatness as a Carolina Panther?

2nd Round: TE Zach Ertz

Some might call this pick a luxury, but I disagree. In reality, we may not be able to afford passing on Ertz if he is still here in the second round. Can you imagine the potential our offense would now have after adding Hopkins and Ertz? The consensus #2 Tight End in this draft would be more than a consolation prize at 44. Before you begin to ardently challenge me with the 'greater needs' argument, I implore you to imagine for a moment all of the mismatch problems defensive coordinators would now have to solve with both Ertz and Olsen on the field at the same time.

4th Round: DT Jordan Hill

Getting one of the more underrated defensive tackles in the 2013 NFL draft would represent very good value here in the 4th round. Hill has the tools to be that penetrating under tackle this defense will continue to need when Dwan Edwards' tank has emptied(or his contract is up; whichever comes first).

5th Round: Devonte Holloman

The injury history of two of our favorite linebackers is more than enough reason to take Holloman at this spot. At the very least, he'll provide energy on special teams and depth for our second line of defense with potential to start down the road.

6th Round: SS Earl Wolff

To get the undersized, but speedy Wolff at this spot, would put an exclamation point on this five man haul. He is talented enough to immediately compete for the starting nod at the strong safety position.

Now it's your turn! Let everyone know what you think of this draft in the poll and the comment section that follows.

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