You Can Be Made Cam Your Local Belk

All I keep getting in my Cam Newton news feed is all the press surrounding Cam Newton's new clothing line so I figure we might as well go there. It is the offseason. So calling all fashionistas (if that is a word) take a look at a few items from his Modern Southern Style clothing line and let us know what you think.

I have to admit I'm a little surprised Newton choose Belk for this and that he is a professed Belk customer. If you're bored you can go check out the video of his Belk fashion event extravaganza. I would call it a little clumsy in typical Newton fashion (pun intended). So how does Newton describe his Modern Southern Style?

Cam Newton talks style, new menswear line |
Newton was gracious enough to take time away from his many endeavors (including his studies at Auburn University) to share his views on style and what sets his collection apart. "I understand the customer because I am a Belk customer – I think that authenticity is going to be paramount to this collection's success," says Newton. Confidence and comfort are two hallmarks Newton considers when getting dressed, and those qualities carry over into the collection’s pieces. "If a person is confident there’s no telling what that person is able to do," he notes.


'Authenticity' is modern? I'm just asking because honestly fashion is not my forte, just ask my wife. I don;t even try to pick out the kids clothes for school because when I have, I apparently commit major fashion faux pas. I can agree that confident is a good word to use to describe Newton. the kid has not lacked an ounce of confidence since he strapped on a Panthers helmet.

"If a person is confident there's no telling what that person is able to do," -Cam Newton

The best of all this Belk stuff though is easily the interview he gave talking about his inspiration behind the clothing line. It's things like this that give us a little deeper look into our franchise quarterback who I feel as been a little hard to get a handle on personality-wise.

Question: Who is the MADE "man" and what sets your collection apart?

Newton: I think the 'MADE man' is a man that is smart. One thing I really wanted to make an impact with was having the ability to mix and match. If you have a shirt and sportcoat you really like, you can buy MADE jeans without having to pay for something top to bottom. It gives the consumer that resource. That’s the fun thing about it.

Mix and match is smart? I can agree with that. And I have to say the prices are reasonable too.

Question: What should every well-dressed man have in his closet?

Newton: Different colors. You have different seasons, you have different events; having options is what this brand is about.


"Having options"!!! Did you hear that? Is Newton slyly suggesting the Panthers give him more 'options' in the offense?This is code for "Draft me a WR at #14 please"! That Newton can be pretty slick sometimes. Southern slick style is what newton has. Listen up Ron Rivera, Cam is sending you a message. Draft a WR and buy some of my clothes!

Question: We know you design menswear, but what’s the most stylish thing a woman can wear?

Newton: That would get my attention? I’m into shoes, and I always compliment my mom about the shoes she wears. Any outfit for a female can make one dramatic change or turn heads with her [choice of] shoes.

Shoes Cam? Seriously? Shoes. For me that is probably the last thing I look at when first checking out a woman. Well for the ladies out there looking to impress Newton they better for get that low neck line or the skin tight dress. Focus on wearing nice shoes.

So what do you think of Newton's MADE Cam Newton clothing line. You can check out more of it here.


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