My Wife's Red Shirt Season as a Panthers Fan starts with a Mock Draft.

My wife has been a Bears fan since she was little girl and Jag's fan since the franchise's 1st season and her Dad was part of the field crew so she went to almost every home game for 12yrs. She was a ball girl during training camp in the 98-99 season. But because he dad was let go in a cost cutting move she now hates the Jag's. So instead of going back the Bear's I convinced her to give the Panther's 1 season to show her what they have to offer. She's a Physical Therpist so TD is already her favorite player. She look over the roster and then 12 differnt Mock Draft's for other sites and read all the Mock's on this site and started her own about a week ago. The reason I'm typing this up and not her is because last year she did 1 for the Jag's on there site and had alot of dickhead comments about her draft and she went a little loco and got kicked off the site. I on the other hand can type this up for her and log out so she can't go loco on anyone. She's has read all the other Mocks and she agreed that we arn't dicks here but its better to be safe then sorry. She has chosen 3 differnt players per round and why she thinks there needed.

RD1: DT Sheldon Richardson: Can play inside in a 4-3 or outside in a 3-4 scheme. Long arms and a good motor. Was able to get 10TT's and a Sack against Alabama's O-Line. Struggled in the classroom and that might lead to problems learning the playbook

CB Desmond Trufant: Productive Pac-12 CB that lined up against the best WR's the Pac-12 had and held his own. Very confident and football smart. Football is in his blood and will do anything to play the game. Larger WR's gave him problems, see Eastern Washington game. Run support needs work as well as being more physical when tackling.

WR DeAndre Hopkins: Good all around WR who knows how to runs routes and get open and has good balance and body control to get YAC. Not a blazer and is not a dependable deep speed threat.

RD 2: WR Stedman Bailey: Highly productive WR with good speed and is an advanced route runner. Very dependable hands and fights for extra yards upon contact. Blocking needs work and has little experiance as a returner.

OT Brennan Williams: Good run blocker and ORT prospect. Good hands and anchor strength to stop a charge or deflect and get to the next level. Long limbed and big bodied, needs time in weight room and durabilty concerns, torn labrum.

S DJ Swearinger: Leader with a an outstanding passion for the game. Hasgood eyes and instincts who likes to hit, sometimes he's to overaggersive and jumps the routes. Lacks elite range.

RD 4: OT Jordan Mills: Outstanding size and length, carries little bad weight. Quick into blocks and climbing to the 2nd level. Excells as a run blocker and has a mean streak. Well conditioned and highly motovated player, game is very important to him. Tends to play tall and is a short stepper with limited hip flexability. Backpedal needs retraining and faced mid-level competition.

DE David Bass: Good athelete with long arms and big hands. Productive with 56TFL and 40.5 sacks in Division II Missouri Western. Must develop more pass rush moves and needs time in an NFL Strength and Conditioning program.

TE Jordan Reed: Poor mans Aaron Hernadez, comes out of cuts smoothly with a nice burst. Versatile alignment player who has good after the catch ability. Has ball security issues and needs to work more as a blocker. Needs to get stronger.

RD 5: WR Chris Harper: Developmental former QB who runs nice routes and natural hand catcher who uses his body in well in coverage. Poor man's Anquan Boldin who has nice build-up speed. Can make the play in clutch moments of the game. Needs continued coaching in route running and blocking and is not a speedster.

OG David Quessenberry: Durable and highly competive player who works to sustain blocks to the 2nd level. Good lebgth and movement skill set. Needs time in the weight room and can clean up his foot work and improve kick slide. Minimul power in hands and plays to upright.

WLB Jelani Jenkins: Smart, athletic, run-around LB who played both MLB and OLB. Slips blocks and follows the ball carrier. Durablity concerns and limited take on strength. Lacks ideal height and bulk.

RD 6: TE Nick Kasa: Developmental TE who already can fly down the field and generate strong YAC. Great size and speed and is highly competive and great work ethic. Very raw blocker and not sudden or polished routes.

WR Brandon Kaufman: 2nd tallest WR at the combine, 6'5, who was highly productive at the FCS level. Produced in games against Washington and WSU. Scored 2TD's on CB Trufant of Washington. Exceptioal length and dependable hands to work the outside. Not a burner and ran limited route tree. Must work on blocking. Big fish small pond.

NT Anthony McCloud: Big boned, strong bodied NT with huge hands, 11", and a stout frame who can defend the run in an even or odd front. Offers little as apass rusher. Nickname Amp, he reseved the Unselfish Leadership Award twice.

The reason for a WR in almost every round is due to the fact that not only may we lose Hardy next season to FA but we may also lose Lafell as well and if you had to chose between Hardy or a #2 WR in Lafell to resign most of us would say Hardy takes priority. This draft dosen't have alot of #1 WR but it is loaded with #2 WR. With only 5 picks it was hard chosing what need needed adressed 1st. Althought they resigned Edwards he's not the player he once was. Age and injury are taking there toll on him. I hope I adressed everything and didn't reach to high on some of my picks.

I think my wife did a pretty good job adressing the needs of the team. I thought we still had another season before Lafell was a FA but addressing it this year will save us a pick next year if we can't get 1 of the 5 projected #1 WR's. Any of her 6th round picks I'd like to see us draft. TE Kasa, if picked, has the benfit of learning good blocking from Hartsock, 1 of the best blocking TE's in the league, but also route running from 1 of the most underrated TE's in the league in Olsen. Jordan Mills could be are future LT with a little more coaching and give us one of the nastier and meaner LT/LG combose in Mills/Amini.

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