2013 NFL Free Agency: Carolina Panthers interested in FA tight end Kellen Winslow

Larry French

Kellen Winslow told the world on NFL AM today that he's drawn interest from the Carolina Panthers. The veteran tight end would fill a role as the #2 TE behind Greg Olsen on the depth chart, provided he could stay healthy - something he's struggled with throughout his roller coaster career.

It appears that Kellen Winslow could be coming back to the NFC South. According to both Pat Yasinskas and Chris Wesseling, the Panthers are one of three teams interested in acquiring the veteran TE who last played in New England before asking to be released after just one game with the Patriots.

If the Panthers were to sign Winslow, it would be as a #2 tight end behind Greg Olsen, as he wouldn't really offer much else to Carolina. His up and down career that has been mostly plagued by injuries means that he's probably looking for any offer that he can get, so he should come cheap enough for Dave Gettleman to offer him a one year deal.

It's also being reported that the Browns have shown interest in Winslow, and considering that his best career season came in 2007 when he was in Cleveland with - you guessed it - Rob Chudzinski, it's easy to assume that the Browns should be the clubhouse leader in the race to sign him.

However, don't count the Panthers out just yet. If they see that the price is right they could make him an offer, and given the alternate choice would be Cleveland (where he left on not-so-great terms), Winslow could choose to sign with Carolina.

One thing we can take comfort in is knowing the Panthers won't offer him anything if he can't prove that he's healthy. Given the fact that his biggest health issue has been chronic knee problems, it would probably be in the Panthers' best interest to stay away regardless of how healthy he may be at this time.

It's because of his frequent knee issues that I don't see the Panthers' interest as anything more than just kicking the tires on a possible veteran roster filler, but don't write this off as impossible yet - they may know something about his health that no one else does.

It's not likely that we see Winslow in a Carolina Panthers uniform, but the possibility is still there, and if he is offered and/or signs a contract to bring his talents to Charlotte we will be here with all the salacious details, so stay tuned for any future developments to this story.

Do you think the Panthers should sign Kellen Winslow (assuming he's healthy)? Tell us what you think!

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