CSR NFL Draft Tournament: 1st Round - Match 5


In honor of the wildly popular NCAA College Basketball Tournament, I've put together a series of brackets that gives CSR readers the opportunity to choose in a series of polls who you think would be the best combination of players for the Carolina Panthers in the 1st and 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft. There will be 8 total 1st round matches which will be reduced in half as each round concludes until we determine the winner in one final match. Let's. Get. It. On.

If you remember in the first match of this tournament I said there would be one exception to the one offensive/one defensive player rule. Well, here is your one exception. All of the other 7 matches features a offensive/defensive combination of players battling each other. This competition is unique in that it pits two very productive collegiate defensive tandems against one another. Each duo consists of a defensive end and a defensive back.

The two teams competing in Match Five are:

Team A: Kenny Vaccaro (S) and Cornellius "Tank" Carradine (DE)

Team B: Demontre Moore (DE) and Jonathan Cyprien (S)

Before you rush off to vote, please keep the following in mind during this process:

1. Each tandem (team) will feature one defensive player and one offensive player, with one exception. This is by design. In basketball and football (team sports in general), a championship team usually has both a good/great offense and defense. The one exception will pit a duo of defensive prospects against one another.

2. You won't see the same player twice. This, too, is by design. NCAA basketball players don't jump from team to team during the tournament, and neither will the players in this competition.

3. I realize that this exercise may need some fine tuning, which will be addressed in any future bracket.

4. I also realize that some of you will be lamenting the fact that I didn't present your preferred 1st/2nd round combination. Feel free to address this "issue" in the comment section, but humor me by voting anyway.

5. I did the best that I could in determining who I felt has the best chance to be there at 14 (1st) and 44 (2nd). For example, If you are wondering why I didn't include Sharrif Floyd and Lane Johnson in this exercise, then it is because I believe they will already be gone by the time we are on the clock in the 1st round. Additionally, many of you will feel as if I reached for certain players. For instance, in today's match, some of you may feel as if 14 is too early to select WR DeAndre Hopkins, and that is perfectly fine. But, try your best not to be so concerned with where these prospects are drafted. If at all possible, focus more on what you think they can bring both individually and collectively to the Panthers when making your final decision.

6. I will check the polls the morning after each competition to see which tandem has the most votes. The duo that has the most votes will move on to each subsequent round until we crown a winner.

Which of these tandems do you see producing the most big plays for the Panthers next season and beyond? Go vote for your favorite now!

First Round - Match 5

1st: S Kenny Vacarro
2nd: DE Cornellius Carradine
1st: DE Demontre Moore
2nd: S Jonathan Cyprien
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