5 Weeks to go Mock

Since the 2013 NFL Draft starts on Thursday April 25th, I've decided to post the remaining 5 mocks I will do on Wednesday instead of Friday so that my final one gets to see the light of day, haha. As such here is my 5 weeks to go mock.

For starters, what's changed since last Friday?

1.) Comp picks were announced and we didn't get one (sigh) leaving us with a mere 5 picks in the draft. There's always a chance Gettleman will be able to work his magic on draft day and parlay those 5 into a few more, but that's something we'll just have to wait and see about.

2.) We signed CB DJ Moore and SS Mike Mitchell, providing much needed veteran depth and help for our secondary. Moore we assume will take over #3 CB duties and play our nickel in place of Munnerlyn. Mitchell will come in the favorite to win our starting SS spot. His primary competition at this point would appear to be young DJ Campbell who shocked us all last year with how well he played, being a 7th round rookie and all. Nakamura meanwhile looks to be relegated to a pure ST'er and backup for his final season with us.

3.) We had Ted Ginn Jr. in for a visit. Ginn (if signed - for likely just a 1 year deal) would immediately supplant Joe Adams in return duty this year. In addition he could take the youngster under his wing to help him prove his return game. This wouuld relieve Pilares of this additional duty and allow him to completely focus on competing for the #3 WR spot.

4.) Still no word yet on Omiyale or Williams, the two OG's we had in for visits. My early predicition at this point is that we manage to snage Omiyale on a 1 year basis and have him compete for a starting RG spot with Hangartner.

Alright, now on to the picks (which you'll notice are much different this time around):

1.) Sheldon Richardson - DT

This is a pure BPA meets Need pick. I highly, highly doubt Lotulelei or Floyd fall to our pick. Not to mention that if the Bucs DO manage to pull off this “in limbo” trade for Revis and pick up of Brent Grimes or another top free agent CB then their top draft priority seems to become DT. Meaning anyone “falling” to us first falls to them. With that said, there’s a chance even that Richardson becomes the Bucs pick. In that situation I believe we’d look for either a trade back or wind up picking one of the first round WR’s (welcome Mr. Austin) we’ve been linked to (assuming Warmack has already been chosen, too). Anyway, by now we’ve all heard how dominant Richardson is and how he helps to fill a glaring weakness on our team, so I’ll spare you. The only real hang up for fans when it comes to Richardson seems to be his age. Here’s the thing, though, if all of the experts are very aware of his age too and still think he’s going to be an outstanding player and a sure-fire top 20 pick, then why is that still making some people’s hair stand on end? They, who have probably actually broken down full game tape and met the guy in person. And so I leave with this: Just imagine how dominant our D-line would’ve been last year if we’d had someone with Suh-like pass rush on the line too. Got that thought, now hold on to it.

2.) Jesse Williams – DT

Now imagine 3 dominant pass rushers and a strong, brutish NT taking up two blockers himself, leaving one-on-one matchups for the others. Yeah I like that sound of that myself. Williams I could see slipping through to the second round. Many mocks have him falling that far now. Some, like our very own Mr. Dator, have been tooting his horn for a while and think he could go early in the first. Or he could be one of the final picks in the first. It’s really a question we won’t have an answer for until the draft happens. Anyway, I know picking back-to-back players from the same position is HIGHLY unconventional, but it also kind of makes sense for us. And it’s not PRECISELY the same position. Richardson would play Under Tackle and Williams Nose Tackle. That aside, right now we have Frank Kearse, Colin Cole, Sione Fua, and Nate Chandler as our DT’s. Now I like Kearse and think Chandler may develop into a solid backup, but Fua has shown nothing yet and Cole is an old, unknown quantity. Essentially we have 2 great D-Ends and 2 question marks in between them. Taking both of these guys gives us 2 day 1 starters and can drastically help to hide our questionable secondary with dominant line play. Not to mention how improved against the run we’ll be.

4.) Oday Aboushi – OT

Quessenberry or Faulk seem to be the popular 4th round OT prospects for us, but I wanted to be a little unique for this one. Here we have a prospect who many considered one of the top tackles in the draft, a round 1 or 2 prospect, at the beginning of the offseason. But then he had a bad showing in the Senior Bowl which seemed to knock him down to round 3. Then he had a rough outing at the Combine which may have potentially knocked him into the 4th round. But the negatives, from what I’ve read, seem to be little things in his play style that can be improved with good coaching. And I think we have good O-line coaching. We saw Silatolu really improve toward the final games of the year. Byron Bell too improved dramatically over his previous year, when we feared for Cam’s life when people blitzed from the right, haha. So here’s a prospect with the ability to play either tackle position or be moved inside to RG similar to Silatolu. Initially he’d come right in and compete with Bell for the starting RT spot, I’d think. There’s a good chance he could wind up a day 1 starter too. If not, then he would get to sit a year and learn from Gross and Bell, with the potential to be our starting RT next year if we choose not to tender RFA Bell.

5.) Gerald Hodges – OLB

We’ve shown interest in a mid/late round LB. We met with Hodges during East-West practices. Hodges was a former safety who converted into a LB. He led his team with 106 tackles in 2011 and 109 tackles in 2012. Over those two years he also amassed 18.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, and 3 interceptions. Currently our backup LB’s are Jordan Senn (2014 FA), Jason Williams (2014 FA), and Kenny Onatolu (a ST ace who could prove too costly being due 785,000 in 2014 – I’m no cap expert, just making an observation). We’re going to need LB depth for 2014. Not to mention that our two projected starting OLB’s have both had multiple-major injuries recently. It hurt to see Anderson go because he provided the same thing we’d be hoping to get out of Hodges, solid depth. I wouldn’t see him playing any sort of role for us this year unless injuries force him to, but next year he’d be a strong backup to replace our leaving guys.

6.) Duke Williams – SS

This is the only unchanged pick from my previous mocks. And despite us bringing in Mike Mitchell to compete for our starting SS spot, we’ll still need a capable backup and potential 2014 replacement. Williams is a developmental safety who also would be able to give Mitchell and Campbell a run for the starting spot. Assuming the more experienced guy wins it, however, Williams primary roll this season would probably be to pick the brains of Godfrey, Nakamura, and Mitchell for tips and hints and just get into NFL-ready shape. In 2014, though, we could see him once more competing for the starting spot with Campbell.

So that’s it for now folks. Please sound off in the comments. And see you next week with my 4 Weeks to go Mock

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