6 Weeks to go Mock

So we have 6 weeks until the draft. For me that means 6 mocks, one a week as the draft landscape changes and begins to finalize it's shape. By next week's Friday evening mock we may have signed some guard depth (currently inquiring about Chris Williams and Kevin Boothe). We'll learn more about who we're inviting for private workouts. We may even have heard from Get or Rivera regarding free agency signings and the draft. Within a week or two we should learn if we've happened on a compensatory pick or two.

Anyway, I'm ready for the criticism so bring it on. Maybe your opinions will help change the shape of my mock for next week. Thank you in advance.

1.) Tavon Austin - WR

We get our receiver of the future, and what do you know, he just happens to resemble someone we all love and care about. Austin would get to come in and immediately compete with Pilares for the #3 WR spot. He gets to learn from the best height-challenged WR ever in Steve Smith just how to have a long and productive career. He's blazing fast, like Smitty in his prime. He looks like only a slot receiver, but so did Smitty initially. However, Austin has the college production to push him into being a first round pick, where as Smitty didn't quite and so fell to the third (lucky for us). Gettleman has seen how an extraordinary slot receiver can change a game and we could get our Victor Cruz right here.

2.) Larry Warford - OG

Gary Williams will be a free agent next year. Byers will be a RFA. Hangartner will have a cap hit of $2.45 million with no penalty for cutting him (likely meaning he's gonna get the axe unless he agrees to take a massive pay cut). Behind that are guys we probably wouldn't count on making the roster this year. Warford is best known as a road-grading, run blocking specialist. That's also Byron Bell's forte. Suddenly our right side might not look so inept when we run that way. This only looks better when we get to our too frequent goal line TD stands with Tolbert and Cam needing to get us those precious few yards. This is a huge pick to try to keep Cam healthy for the future by providing him a young, powerful interior presence on O-line.

4.) Bennie Logan - DT

We need a DT. It's no surprise. From looking at a majority of rankings and mocks that go into the 4th round I can see Logan making it that far. He has a quick burst and while not precisely a pass rush specialist he provides a run blocking strength to our interior. With it currently not looking like we're going to re-sign Dwan I see this as a BPA meets need fit.

5.) Tharold Simon - CB

Our CB depth is very shaky right now. We all know the trend for CB's is to go big. Well at 6'2" Simon could provide quality depth with an eye toward development in the future. He's a prospect that I've seen ranked at the back end of the 4th / top of the 5th, so if we could snag him I think we'd be pretty lucky.

6.) Duke Williams - S

Safety is a massive need for us. Here we could get a guy who shined during offseason workouts with the kind of developmental talent Rivera likes. Currently it looks like we're leaning toward a camp battle between Nakamura, Colin Jones, and DJ Campbell for our FS spot, with Campbell being the favorite. Well here we can throw Williams in the mix too. And next year when Nakamura becomes a free agent we still have quality ST depth in whomever didn't earn our starting FS spot.

So that's it for now. Like I said before, feel free to lay the comments on me. I'm very open to hearing what my fellow Panther fans think.

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