Real Steel

Just picture this, Bank of America Stadium, Real American by Rick Derringer blairs of the PA system, and then the Announcer does his thing, From Bowling Green, Kentucky and the only West Point Graduate to ever make a Panther's roster I give to you Trent "Real Steel" Steelman. Be pretty cool wouldn't it. For anyone who dosen't of QB/RB/WR Trent Steelman I'll go ahead and give you a little back round on this player who i think will make a Great Panther one day.

Trent is the 1st Black Knight QB to start all 46 games of his college career under center

Trent holds the Black Knights Rushing Yds and Rushing TDs by a QB: 3320yds and 45TDs

He Ranks 15th all time in the NCAA in Rushing Yards by a QB, Thats higher then Tebow's 2947yds, Ricky Dobbs's 2265yds and RG3's 2254yds.

He stands only 6' and weighs 207lbs so he'll probably never be a starting QB in the league. He has a career Comp. rate of 50.8%. A TD to Int ratio of 14 to 9 and only has thrown for 2,723yds.

Why do I fell he belongs: 1-He's one hell of a athelete, 2-He has all the tools to make it in the NFL as Julien Elderman, Joshua Cribbs, and Brad Smith did in a Wildcat/ Hybrid RB roll.3-We know he's one hell of a character player graduating from a respected Military Insitituton like West Point. 4-Where going to need a RB of the future to play along side Cam and I believe him to beable to handle that roll plus all the trick plays that can be run having to mobile QB/RB's on the roster.

Father lettered in football at Appalachian State for 4yrs and his sister lettered in soccer at Wofford College. Grandfather served in the Air Force in WWII, uncle is a Gulf War Vet, Great-Uncle served as a U.S. Counsulor General to Venezuela during the Nixon Era and a Interpreter at the Nurenburg Trials during WWII in Germany.

Downside is that he has a 2yr service commentment to do. He'll probabliy need a season on the PS to bulk up and learn an NFL Offense. So basicly we wont know what we have for at least 2 to 3 yrs and by then he may not fit into are system anymore.

Bottemline is he is a hell of a football player that can be signed as a UDFA and stashed on the Military/Reserve Roster who will have acsess to all of the coaches and facilitys while serving are country for 2yrs and beable to contribute down the road a few years from now. Heres a Career Highlight video I found on YouTube by thearmyteam. Check it out and you will see how tough this kid is. The 2nd video is his Senior Bowl tape. GO ARMY!!!

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