2013 NFL Free Agency: Pour one out for the Percy Harvin dream

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What a nice dream it was too...

Percy Harvin has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a first round pick, contingent upon both sides working on a long-term agreement. One of the most dangerous teams in the NFL just became lethal in a single move, as Russell Wilson now has Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, and Golden Tate as his three receivers -- with Marshawn Lynch to tote the ball; it's a dream scenario.

Harvin would have been gold in Carolina for a million reasons, but there's no use crying over spilled milk, or missed chances. Instead the Panthers will need to get creative, and by all accounts they're already casting an eye towards the draft to at least get a good long look at the available wide receiver talent.

Realistically it's unlikely Dave Gettleman ever thought of trading for Harvin for a thousand reasons, but that doesn't mean it should stop him taking a good look at the trade market. All of a sudden Doug Baldwin finds himself the odd man out on Pete Carroll's team, and it's here where the Panthers should take advantage.

The allure of selecting DeAndre Hopkins, Cordarrelle Patterson, or Keenan Allen is there -- many would like a new, young, promising receiver for Steve Smith. However, for all the risk that comes with selecting a receiver through the draft, very little comes from trading for an established one. It's easy to overlook Baldwin after his production fell off in 2012, but it's vital not to forget his rookie year -- a season that saw him finish with 788 receiving yards, at an impressive 15.5 yards per reception.

It's not that Baldwin is bad, far from it, but his development doesn't jive with the stratospheric success Seattle is having right now. This team is looking to win now, youthful quarterback and all; moreover, they have the talent to do it. What would it take to pry the 2011 UDFA from the Seahawks? A 5th round pick, maybe the 4th? Many will balk at the idea of another wide receiver trade following Louis Murphy, but this isn't a leap of faith -- it would be calculated.

A move like this would add a play-maker on offense, while allowing Gettleman to fry bigger fish in the first and second round. At 24-years-old, Baldwin is young enough to grow in this offense in the slot, while learning from Steve Smith. He's entering the final year of a three-year contract, and would be worth taking a small flier on for large gains down the road.

Look, it probably wont happen -- but it's a dream.. another one.

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