2013 NFL Draft: Chiefs trade shakes up top ten


The 49ers have 15 draft picks... there are no words.

It's fun to see a first round blow up almost two months before the draft -- but that happened today as Jay Glazer reports the Kansas City Chiefs reached terms with the San Francisco 49ers on a deal that will send quarterback Alex Smith to Arrowhead for (wait for it...) two second round picks. San Francisco now has 15 draft picks in April, and the Chiefs... well... they gave Andy Reid control. The NFL's haves and have-nots are of little consequence, what does it mean for the Panthers?

Kiss the dream of Luke Joeckel goodbye, even in a trade up scenario. It seems almost assured the Chiefs will take him with the 1st overall pick to protect their new QB. It's the only smart move that comes out of the trade, as they get the top left tackle and solidify their line.

(Note: At the time of writing, speculation was that the trade was for two second rounds picks. While nothing is finalized, most recent reports state the final price will be a 2nd round pick in 2013, and a conditional 3rd round pick in 2014)

Joeckel going one shakes up the entire offensive tackle position, and makes it hard to imagine one of the 'big three' will be available at #14. It's almost assured the Arizona Cardinals will take a tackle (unless they opt for a QB), and with Philadelphia, and San Diego needing one, as well as a spate of other teams -- it seems impossible Carolina will get lucky.

If you look at how the top ten shake out, it actually benefits the Panthers as a whole from the defensive side. The Jacksonville Jaguars at #2 will now likely take a long look at Geno Smith, where they might have previously been looking at Star Lotulelei, or Barkevious Mingo. This dominoes through the top ten, and you potentially have more teams looking offensively than defensively. It could ultimately mean there isn't one of the top two WRs on the board, but if it means getting one of the three best DTs (Lotulelei, Richardson, Floyd), then it doesn't really matter.

The final element, and it's a stupid long shot (but hey, we'll speculate) is that the 49ers will use those picks to move up for a top player. Shifting out of the 14 spot for more picks would be ideal, and if it means San Francisco get someone like Jesse Williams to anchor their defensive line, it might be worth the 31 and 34 pick to them.

Get out those pencils and change your mocks -- the Chiefs' nearsightedness has messed up the top ten.

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