Here's How the Panthers Should Handle Their Free Agents



No one. We have the luxury of not having any marquee players with contracts expiring this year. With that being said, we will not be using our franchise tag on any player this year.


Dwan Edwards- With the stellar play of Charles Johnson and The Kracken, people forget that he had a great season last year. I think we should only be looking at a 1-2 year deal for him since he is not getting any younger. We should still be looking for a DT at the top of the draft. I fear we may not be able to afford to resign him though, we will see.

Captain Munnerlyn- This resigning is more for depth than talent. Captain has shown flashes of great play but also flashes of being lost out there. He is more comfortable playing a nickel corner and is no way starting cornerback worthy. With Chris Gamble looking more and more like a cap cut then we need to sign someone for some depth. But if he wants too much, we can find someone with the same amount of talent and for a much less money in free agency or the draft.


Gary Barnidge- I feel Barnidge has ability that has not fully been showcased yet. He missed 2011 with injury and was not fully utilized in 2012. But he has good hands and is a decent blocker. He could compliment Greg Olsen well. I still think we should look for another late round TE in the draft.

Jordan Senn- The Senn Master is a special teams ace. He filled in wonderfully when Beason went down in 2011 with an injury. I think he provides great depth and we will serve as an insurance policy in case Beason gets injured again.


Derek Anderson- Would like to keep him but he says he wants to go to the Browns.

Antwan Applewhite- With the play of Frank Alexander, Antwan isnt needed anymore

Richie Brockel- I like keeping him for versatility since he can play both TE and FB. But dont see us retaining him.

Ben Hartsock- Was useless on our roster last year.

Sherrod Martin- We need to upgrade our safety position BIG TIME, resigning him is not an option.

Louis Murphy- We need to keep building with Lafell and look at another WR in the draft. Cam likes him though, so I wouldnt be surprised if Cam makes a push for us to resign him.

Andre Neblett- Everyone knows DT is one of our top needs and we dont need to resign him but replace him with a young beast who can start on day 1.

Nate Ness- Simply just let him walk.

Jason Phillips- More talented back ups out there.

Mike Pollak- See above.

This is just what I think. I look forward to reading your responses.

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