Some "Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together" mocks: 2013 edition, v1.0

Last year, a month before the draft, I took a stab at guessing what positions we would target in the 2012 draft. You can check it out here. Based upon team needs, prospect visits, and Hurney's draft history, I went with us targeting a DE, OG, and LB in the early rounds; and a CB, punter, and safety in the later rounds. Our first 3 picks turned out to be a LB, OG, and DE; followed by a CB, punter, and safety. The members of CSR astutely used their foresight to give a majority vote to the draft of Kuechly, a DE, and a OG. This was before Silatolu's big rise as a guard prospect. Just swapping the DE and OG picks for each other and taking the BPA at those positions would have gotten us our real draft.

Now to 2013:

Gettleman spent 13 years with the Giants. Looking at their past 9 drafts (the Eli era), you see a very heavy emphasis on receivers, secondary, and defensive line. Only twice in the past nine years have they picked an offensive lineman within the first three rounds. Even so, in most years a pick between rounds 4-6 was used on an offensive lineman. Conversely, a WR was picked within the first three rounds in all but two of those nine drafts.

Does this mean Gettleman will draft exactly like the Giants? No. But if you are hired from a very successful company to run an unsuccessful one, it's very likely you will run your ship similar to what you have already seen work.

We know Rivera likes big guys for his secondary (Dockery, Norman, Campbell). I also think a guy that "plays big" and is scrappy would work as well, hence the Robert Alford interview at the Senior Bowl. The Giants liked WRs with some speed, size, body control, and grit. (Note: having size as a WR does not mean you have to be 6-4. A 6-1, 200 lbs guy who can use his body well has size too).

No need to rehash all of our many needs but we know Gamble is a likely cut, Sherrod is a free agent, and Nakamura sucked balls. Gross is a question mark. We just picked up a veteran NT. As March 12 hits and the league year starts, the cuts and FA signings will help clarify our team picture. Also the guys/positions we interview at the combine and bring in for workouts will give us a clearer picture as well.

In conclusion, I think we go WR, secondary, and D-line early. Offensive line in the mid-rounds. We could easily double-dip in the secondary with a CB and a safety (either position). I could also see us going for an OLB, and maybe a kicker late.

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