Jaxon's Drafttek 7 Round Re-Mock

Kevin C. Cox

What I'm calling a re-mock draft is to take another site's seven round mock and based on those results make my own picks based on how the board is laid out. In this version I'm taking on Drafttek's recently posted seven round mock, linked below. What I like about Drafttek's approach its a computer program crunching data instead of a single person who can't possibly know every teams' needs. Feel free to add your own re-mock in the comments.

With their first pick at #14 overall they have a familiar result:

1st Round: DT Sheldon Richardson

NFL Draft Mock 2013 | NFL Draft Mock Draft
New Panther General Manager Dave Gettleman said in his January 15 press conference, "You need a QB, you need touchdown scorers, and you need pass rushers . . . big men allow you to compete." Sheldon Richardson may not throw passes or score many touchdowns, but he is a pass-rushing big man, a one-gap under tackle with a high motor who can disrupt the offensive backfield. According to his NFL Combine workout coach and former NFL defensive coordinator George Dyer, Richardson compares to Warren Sapp. "He's got good speed, is a bright guy, and strong. He will use power, quickness. He's got all the tools you need to be very, very, very good." While the Panthers have developing players at Nose Tackle in Frank Kearse, Sione Fua, the three-technique needs a playmaker since only undrafted Nate Chandler is certain to return in 2013. Richardson, along with Greg Hardy, Charles Johnson, Luke Kuechly, Jon Beason, and Thomas Davis would make the Panthers' front seven one of the best in the NFL. ~ Gerry Neal, Panthers Analyst.

We've already beaten on this pick to death and I would not be unhappy if the Panthers picked Richardson. As much sense at a pass rushing DT makes I for some reason can't see the Panthers going that way at #14.

Remock: DT Shariff Floyd

I've made it clear I would prefer a WR like Cordarelle Patterson but looking at how the 2nd round played out you will quickly see why I stuck with a DT at #14. Some have Floyd going in the top 5 and I have to say I like his size and length better than Richardson.

2nd Round Pick: WR Deandre Hopkins

Will Brandon LaFell finally step up to the "Blue Tees"? In his 3rd season, he recorded 44 receptions for 677 yards and 4 TD's, to complement Steve Smith's 73 receptions for 1,174 yards and 4 TD's. Decisions will be forthcoming, as LaFell will attain F/A status in 2014 and although Smith was signed to a contract extension last April, he will begin his 13th NFL campaign in 2013, raising the question of how much longer can he produce at an elite level? The remainder of the roster includes 2 quick slot receivers (Joe Adams and Armanti Edwards), David Gettis, and Louis Murphy, who have yet to produce to their potential. DeAndre Hopkins recorded 82 receptions for 1,405 yards (17.1 ypc) and 18 TDs during the 13 games of his 2012 season for the Tigers; as a result, the underclassman declared for the NFL Draft. His performance in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against a strong LSU defense (13 receptions, 191 yards, 2 TD's) punctuated his season.

This is the first mock where I've seen Hopkins fall this far and I would be ecstatic. Hopkins is a 1st round talent who could step in right away and produce. It's really a no-brainer.

Remock: No Change

Though Kawann Short is still on the board we already nabbed a choice DT in the 1st round. None of the players picked immediately after the Panthers pick really interests me at that spot. Hopkins is easily the pick.

4th Round: OT David Quessenberry 6'5" 295lbs

I find this as another good pick in my book as the Panthers are in need to offensive line depth and developmental tackles in particular. Quessenberry is said to have most of the tools, he just needs a little more heft and some experience. Plus he can play guard as well giving him the flexibility every team needs when decided which 7 linemen are active on Sunday's. I believe Rick Bates included Quessenberry in his mock draft for the 4th round. Here's a quick review of his Senior Bowl performance:

David Quessenberry | San Jose State, OT : 2013 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile
01/24/13 - 2013 Senior Bowl, OLine, Three up...3. David Quessenberry, San Jose State (6-5, 294 pounds). Ranking a Senior Bowl lineman third really isn't a slight, especially considering how dominant Fisher and Johnson look. Quessenberry has been a surprise this week at guard and tackle, handling the pass rush all week. He's really a polished blocker with some good quickness. In my opinion he jumped past Oday Aboushi and Brian Winters in the rankings thanks to a crisp, consistent week. - Dave Richard, CBSSports.com

Players remaining on the board that I would consider here instead are FS TJ McDonald, DE Devin Taylor and OG Dallas Thomas.

Remock: No Change

In the end I just think getting more o-line depth is too important. All we have behind our starters is the unproven Bruce Campbell and then Garry Williams who we know struggles at pass protection.

5th Round: DT Jordan Hill

Nothing says the Panthers would never double dip at DT which they actually did in the 2011 draft. Obviously that didn't go well since DT remains a big need. Still I see better options with this pick rather than an under-sized UT who didn't stand out much at the Senior Bowl.

Unfortunately S Josh Evans went to the Bucs right before our pick. Instead I'm going to stick with secondary help though.

Remock: CB Micah Hyde 6'1" 185 lbs Iowa

I like two things about Hyde with the first being his size and physical play. Second is his versatility to play pretty much anywhere in the secondary. Is he a CB or a safety at the next level? His combine performance might determine that as they get a handle on his top end speed and ability to back pedal and get his hips around.

NFL Draft 2013: Micah Hyde scouting report - Big Cat Country
Iowa cornerback Micah Hyde played all four seasons of his college career with the Hawkeyes, playing both the cornerback position and the free safety position. He's a bigger, physical corner at 6 feet tall and around 200 pounds that isn't afraid to mix it up with receivers or running backs. He's played in man coverage, zone coverage, press coverage, and off coverage in a variety of defenses based out of the 4-3 alignment, typically with safety help over the top. As we get close to the draft, the biggest question for Hyde will be his top-end speed at the next level, as he's not really a speedster at the position, but rather shadows his receiver after delivering a punch at the line of scrimmage or turning out of his pedal when playing off coverage. Hyde is the type of corner who is probably going to need help over the top, even if he's in man coverage but can still cover a good portion of the field.

I think we need a DB that is physical at the line versus the cover guys we seem to have in spades. Plus he has the size needed to move into the slot should be part with Captain Munnerlyn.

Round 6: OLB Trevardo Williams 6'1" 235 lbs UConn

My first though is 'Who?" and then I see he is from UConn and that turns me off since we had some bad luck with UConn LBs (Remember Lawrence Wilson?). That's not fair I realize but I'm going to stick with someone I know rather than a guy that might be a bit of tweener at LB. I'm tempted to take another OLB, Zavier Gooden who has great speed and atheltic ability, the kind of guy who might at least be helpful on special teams. Instead I'm going with the big name left on the board:

Remock: CB Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger)

I don't think I need to say much about this guy as we all know him well and the off the field troubles he has had. But in the 6th round? Why not.

So there we go.

Summary of the Remock:

DT Shariff Floyd

WR Deandre Hopkins

OT Dave Quessenberry

CB Micah Hyde

CB Tyrann Mathieu

So what do you think?

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