2013 NFL Mock Draft: Panthers pre-combine mock

Barrett Jones provides versatility and impeccable technique on the interior line - Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what... another mock draft. But, this is the one that'll blow your drawers off (assuming you're wearing any, BW). I had to make a few assumptions, of course, but this is where I'm at pre-combine. Please enjoy picking it apart with the typical CSR swag, and don't hold back. I look forward (not) to your feedback.

There's a point where the line of BPA and need must necessarily intersect, and that is where I'm trying to go with this. For instance, I'd like to draft Kenny Vaccaro at #14, even over the objections of txpanther and prometheus, but it doesn't work when I look at the intersect point. Anyway, here's what I've got...

Round 1 (pick 14): Cordarelle Patterson (WR), Tennessee (SEC)
Watching Patterson on film and reading the "reports," I see our future #1 WR. He's big, he's fast, and he can cut on a dime. Yes, he's on the raw side in terms of route running, and will drop a few... to me that makes his ceiling that much higher. We drafted Brandon Lafell with known drop issues, and he's now among the tops in the league in catches per target. So, it may take a year or two before he supplants Smitty as the #1. In the meantime though, the guy is so smooth running, whether on kick/punt returns or after the catch. His elusiveness is what makes him so enticing to me, and I would feel much, much, better going forward with a long-term, dare I say "Pro-Bowl" level WR.

Round 2 (pick 12): Barrett Jones (C/OG) Alabama (SEC)
This is where the rubber meets the bush.. er road. It was a very tough choice for me, and I'll most likely change my mind many times. But I'm going with Jones for a couple of reasons. 1) I watched him in the Natty C totally dominate the heralded Notre Dame D-Linemen. 2) There's a player in the NFL that I would compare him to: Andy Levitre (Bills). Unknown to us at the time, Jones was playing hurt in the Championship, but he consistently used his superior technique to dominate big interior linemen. He can play either guard slot, or center (God forbid if Kalil goes down again), and could even play snaps at OT if needed. He's not especially big or particularly athletic... he just knows how to block, run or pass; a complete technician.

Round 4 (pick 11): David Quessenberry (OT), San Jose State (not SEC)
Q was rated the 3rd best OT at the Senior Bowl, to the surprise of many scouts, behind only Fisher and Lane Johnson. He can also play inside at Guard. This guy just knows how to block, and I view him as the heir-apparent to Mr. Jordan Gross. From CBSSports.com:

01/24/2013 - 2013 Senior Bowl, OLine, Three up...3. David Quessenberry, San Jose State (6-5, 294 pounds). Ranking a Senior Bowl lineman third really isn't a slight, especially considering how dominant Fisher and Johnson look. Quessenberry has been a surprise this week at guard and tackle, handling the pass rush all week. He's really a polished blocker with some good quickness. In my opinion he jumped past Oday Aboushi and Brian Winters in the rankings thanks to a crisp, consistent week. - Dave Richard, CBSSports.com.

Okay, that's two O-Linemen in a row. Why? Cuz we need them.

Round 5 (pick 15): Nick Casa (TE) Colorado (not SEC)
Casa's receiving skills are not yet fully developed, but he's an excellent in-line blocker. We need a developmental blocking TE. From CBSSports.com:

COMPARES TO: Kevin Boss, TE, New York Giants -- Like Boss (who hailed from Western Oregon), Kasa is a potential diamond in the rough who, with a little polishing, has the size and speed to develop into a potential NFL starter.--Rob Rang

It seems I have neglected the Defense entirely. First of all, I think drafting a DT is not the best strategy. I'll take a crusty, cheap ole Veteran over a rookie DT pretty much every time. Honestly, I haven't given up on Fua, and I want to see more of Chandler. But we do need help in the secondary, especially if we lose both Gamble and Munnerlyn (plus, Godfrey's contract for 2014 is absurd). I think we can get the cap down to sign a DT and a Safety. But, in this draft, our CBs are going to have to step up.

Round 6 (pick 14): Josh Evans (FS) Florida (SEC)
Okay, I admit it... I'm hoping for some slippage here (projected 5th round). If not Evans, then BPA that slips like the Kraken did. From CBSSports.com:

Compares To: Reshad Jones, FS, Miami Dolphins

Th...th...th...that's all folks.

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