CSR Early Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread and SB L

Thearon W. Henderson

It's Super Bowl weekend and though our Panthers are watching from home like us I still feel a need to discuss it today. It will all play out quick enough and we can move on to the more pertinent Panther business of the offseason. So here is a Paw Prints-type of post on some SB links around SBN.

Before I get into that I was wondering what we will call the SB to be played in three years? Will we call it Super Bowl 'L'? That seems kind of stupid! I'm betting its going to be Super Bowl '50'. Let's ignore the Romans and their convoluted numbering scheme and go with the straight up American 'Silver Anniversary 50th' or something like that.

Over at Bleeding Green Nation they wonder if anyone really cares about the SB week hype if their team isn't in it:

Do you care about the Super Bowl? - Bleeding Green Nation

Presumably we will care about watching the actual Super Bowl. I don't think I've ever missed one and if TV ratings tell us anything, I doubt many of you have either. My question is more about the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl. When your team isn't in it... how much do you care?

The Titans makes a very good case for why they (and the Panthers I would say) should pull for the 49ers:

Super Bowl 2013: Why I'm Cheering for the 49ers and Why You Should Too - Music City Miracles
Sunday night can go one of two ways: a win by the Ravens furthers the mentality of the status quo. However, a win by the 49ers legitimizes innovation and risk. It shows that this "pistol thing" isn't just some gimmick. That maybe it's something teams should look into. And, it goes beyond the pistol. It's a win for coaches that can go to their owners with a straight face about ideas that are "outside the box", yet fit personnel. Further, it's likely to make such innovation more acceptable within peer coaching circles at the highest level.

He makes a good point; a point that applies to the Panthers as well.

So how many times can a franchise knock on the door and not get in before they start to crumble?

Blank thinks Falcons headed for next step - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"It certainly was a very disappointing conclusion to a great season,’’ Blank said Friday while visiting the Super Bowl media center. "I love where the organization is. I love the work that (general manager) Thomas (Dimitroff) and (coach Mike Smith) have done together over the last five years. I think that’s produced a lot of wins for us. But we’re not where we need to be. Smitty would be the first to say that and Thomas would be right at his side saying that. We’re not going to be happy until we’re playing in the Super Bowl and winning the Super Bowl.’’

Yeah whatever, you blew it.

Raiders fans are upset at being dissed and I would have to agree with them:

ESPN montage shows every Superdome Super Bowl winner except Raiders - Silver And Black Pride
So, that's a total of five Superdome Super Bowls which means there was just one that received no mention or image whatsoever - the Raiders win over the Eagles in Super Bowl XV. That's quite an oversight. It isn't like there was SO much footage they had to make a sacrifice. They showed three images from Super Bowl XXXI and two from Super Bowl XXXVI. And yet, there was just no room for a Rod Martin interception (he had three of them), Jim Plunkett bomb, Kenny King Super Bowl record 80-yard catch and run, or one of Cliff Branch's two touchdown catches? Nothing?

If you are going to cover five in depth you should go ahead and cover #6.

The thought of a 49ers win seems to give a lot of fans hope their team can get to the top just as quick:

Super Bowl 2013: 49ers Will Win Due to Jim Harbaugh's Decision to Start Colin Kaepernick - Dawgs By Nature
Initially, I thought it was a big mistake. I was very intrigued by Kaepernick's abilities, but it seemed like too much of a risk. The balance between Smith and Kaepernick seemed to be working well, and I worried what would happen if the second-year quarterback hit a bump in the road. Instead, behind the brilliant offensive schemes that Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman have deployed, Kaepernick became one of, if not the most dangerous quarterback in the NFL.

Browns fans need to remember they don't have a QB that can run. Not yet anyway. With Chud at the helm you know they will take a long hard look at Geno Smith.

A Houston makes makes some good points on why a team they beat by 30 points a month ago is still playing and they are at home:

Super Bowl XLVII: Houston Texans Can Learn From AFC Champion Baltimore - Battle Red Blog
When Baltimore struggled offensively, head coach John Harbaugh replaced offensive coordinator Cam Cameron on December 10th. Recently, Cameron admitted that the move put the inconsistent Ravens on alert and helped get them on track. The Texans made no such changes in the offensive playcalling when their own offense went into the tank in late November. The Texans made no such changes to their horrific special teams either.

Well the Panthers did make some changes, firing the GM and then Rivera firing the ST's coach. The Panthers did respond to those changes it is clear now.

The SB is so big these days even what comes on after the Super Bowl is now somehow important:

Poll: Are You Going to Watch Elementary on CBS After the Super Bowl? - Dawgs By Nature
This year, CBS is airing freshman crime drama Elementary, which portrays a contemporary take on the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. The episode that will air is titled, "The Deductionist," and is the 14th hour the show will have aired this season. The show is one of the few freshman series on non-cable to be doing well this television series, pulling in an average of about 11 million viewers per episode.

Whoever sold the network on the casting has to be a sales guru. Salesman "Yeah instead of the old, white guy as Watson we will insert a hot Asian chick with a sharp tongue. Think Ally McBeal meets McGiver"

and they bought it... and it worked... smh...

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