PreCombine Mock Draft

1st Round: DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida or BDTA

2nd Round: LG Cyril Richardson, Baylor, 6'5 335lbs

Like Dallas Thomas moved back to LG his Senior season and a better season then last year when he played LT. Improved his pass blocking this season and helped pave the way for both RG3 and Gannaway in the running game last season. Started to show mean streak this season. Already has experiance with a mobile QB so would be able to plugged in and play.

4th Round: S Josh Evans, Florida, 6'2 201lbs

2012: 83TT, 0TFL, 3PBU, 2.5Sacks, 3Int Lead team in tackles.

2011: 53TT, 2.5TFL, 1PBU, 1Sacks, 1Int

Good run defender/solid pass coverage, 1 of the top S at the East/West Shrine Game

5th Round: RT Jordan Mills, Louisana Tech, 6'5 318lbs

2yr starter on a pretty good running team. Does a good job fighting off speed rushers and holds his own againest a bull rush. Held his own againest big school competion and did well at the Senior Bowl. Didn't win every battle but plays through the whistle and has a real mean streak. The O-Line version of Smitty.

6th Round: OLB Cameron Lawrence, MSU, 6'3 220lbs

2012: 120TT, 10TFL,4PBU, 2INT, and 4sacks

2011: 123TT, 6TFL, 0PBU, 2INT, and 2sacks

A high effort player who has good instincts and has pass rush ability. Was 2nd in the SEC in tackles this season. Brings size and strength to the second level.

I doubled up the O-Line to give are run game a chance to get going and bring a little respect and fear back to the Panthers. A Panther O-Line should never be at the bottem of the league. I choose Richardson and Mills based on there experiance with mobile QB's and power running game. The O-Line should be taylored to the best part of the Offense. If we had a slow, plodding QB I would have choosen differantly but lucky for us we have Cam, a QB that can run as well as he passes.

I choose Evans in the 4th because it is a deep safety class this year and would be good for both a Redzone and Pass Rush threat. He is a sure tackler and has some speed.

I choose OLB Lawrence based on the fact that both Anderson and Beason have big contracts and one could be cut. I don't know if Davis will have another great, full season or get injured and leave us with role players. ST Captain Jordan Senn is also a FA and with are Salary Cap problems he's not a high priority resign. Another young, big body to go with Kuechly is needed and Lawrence would be an upgrade over the ones on the roster.

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