Sir Pour's Brew for the Game: Panthers vs. Saints

Here is Sir Pour's recommended beer selection for this Sunday's game.

The New Orleans Saints might have been delayed in getting back home after their Monday night loss to Seattle, but Riverboat Ron™ and company were already heading down the Mississippi river. On that big gamblin' boat, Riverboat Ron™ remarked on the team's success thus far, but cautioned against calling it luck. Whether fourth-and-one or fourth-and-20, the Panthers have played the hands they were dealt.

So what's in the cards in the biggest game of the season?

Aces and Ates - Big Boss Brewery

The Brewery

Founded in 2007, Big Boss Brewery sits in a large warehouse that previously housed several other Raleigh breweries. They bottle several year-round beers, such as the popular Hell's Belle and Bad Penny, and also have a host of seasonal and limited beers.

The Brew

Big Boss's Aces and Ates is one of the brewery's most popular seasonal beers. It is an 8-percent stout brewed with ten different malts and cold-brewed coffee from Larry's Beans in Raleigh. The roast in this beer is stronger than many other coffee stouts and porters, but it's complemented by a nice dark chocolate character.

How it relates to the game

The legend says that gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok was holding two aces and two eights when he was shot dead in 1876, and that combo of cards is now called the "dead man's hand." The Panthers won't actually be shooting anyone, nor will they be playing any poker. But Riverboat Ron™ will need to have a few more of those calculated fourth-down calls go his way if he wants to win in the Superdome, a place where the Saints are virtually flawless. Many Panthers fans were licking their proverbial chops on Monday night as they watched the Seahawks have their way with the Saints, but a team like the Saints does not play that bad two weeks in a row -- especially at home.

Working in the Panthers' favor is the fact that they play a very similar game to the Panthers. Both teams have dual-threat quarterbacks, good running games and aggressive defenses, and its the latter that will really be the difference maker in this game. If the Panthers can get pressure on Brees without letting him get behind our receivers, then they can come away with the win.

Price Point / Availability

Find Big Boss's Aces and Ates at  most craft beer stores. It's available only in 12-ounce bottles, and retails for around $3.99 each.

Looking to drink craft beer at the game? Here's a list of craft beers in Bank of America Stadium.

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