Panthers 27 Bucs 6: Inside the Gamebook

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at some key stats and player snap counts from the Panthers 27-6 victory over the Bucs.

Let's see what useful information we can glean from the game stats, starting with the conversion efficiency.

3rd down Conversion Efficiency - Panthers 5/13 (38%)

While not a great performance it was sufficient obviously. It looks better when you consider the Panthers started 1-6 on 3rd down in the first half. Which means they sizzled in the 2nd half at 4 for 7. Meanwhile the Bucs finished the game 1/10 on 3rd down. What a defense we have.

4th down Conversion Efficiency - Panthers 2/2 (100%)

We should call this the Riverboat Ron metric as he was on fire against the Bucs, knowing when to go for it and when to kick the FG.

Yards per Carry - 4.8 yds per rush

After some concern about the running game the past week the Panthers put up 163 total against a usually stout Buc run defense. The Bucs as you would expect struggled against the Panthers top rushing defense at 3.3 yards per rush. That actually isn't a bad performance per carry comparatively, though the total of 66 yards rushing is nothing to write home about.

Defensive Pressure Ratio - 10/21 (48%)

The Bucs had 21 attempted passes where the Panthers had 5 sacks 5 QB hurries. Though Glennon completed 14 of 21 if the Panthers weren't getting passer they got pressure on the ball with 4 PDs.

Turnovers - 2 both teams

Turnovers used to kill the Panthers but over the past half season the Panthers have been able to overcome the few mistakes they have made. The two turnovers only cost the Panthers 3 points in this contest.

Penalties - 3 for 25

The Panthers had seen an uptick in penalties the past couple weeks but they settled down against the Bucs, getting only 3 flags thrown their way...but they did extend their streak of getting at least one flag picked up on the Mike Mitchell INT. I'd like to see that one keep going!

Time of Possession - Panthers 34:25 - Bucs 25:35

The Panthers ball control offense once again achieved one of it's primary objectives and this to keep the opposing offense off the field. It worked well this week.

Turning to player snap counts, here's a few that jumped out at me:

Nate Chandler - 100% of offensive snaps

Chandler was the only Panthers to play on every down on offense, four more than even Newton. Add in the 5 ST snaps and Chandler really earned his stew.

Brandon LaFell - 86% of Offensive Snaps

Week in and week out LaFell leads the WRs in snaps. Only TE Greg Olsen got more snaps of the skill players. I know most only look at the flashy stats to rate WRs but LaFell makes plays in all phaes of the offense, not just receiving. He's arguably the most under-rated player on the team.

FB Mike Tolbert - 68% of Offensive Snaps

This number just simply needs to be higher, enough said.

Defensive Players will 100% Defensive Snap Counts - Mitchell, Munnerlyn, Kuechly, Davis, Florence

The Panthers have stuck to their rotation plan for the front four and it seems to be working well. Well, except for Greg Hardy (96%). The Kraken got in some serious work Sunday. I should add Mickell logged 96% too.

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