CSR 5 Regular Season Conclusion and Its Playoff Time

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As November turned to December the regular season turned into the playoffs.The regular season flew by. I guess time moves faster when you're winning games. Again I would like to apologize for last weeks shitty excuse for a post but this week I will hopefully be making up for it with my regular season review. Shall we get things started?

A Real Panthers Fan--Regular Season grade:C-
Similar to the Tennessee Titans A Real Panthers Fan had a very inconsistent run game with Jamaal Charles. Wide receivers were alright nothing too special about them. Not to much if any elite talent on this team. A tight end that puts up good stats usually because he is a main target in the offense. With quarterback play that was fairly inconsistent as well. The reason this grade is not lower is because he played with the card he was dealt with and still managed to win a few games.

Bill League5 Champ--Regular Season grade: A-
Similar to the New England Patriots (2012) Billy can blow teams out when he has to. His offense has weapons but revolves around his quarterback. When Rogers got hurt it took a lot of lucky games by players to continue to win. He has a great tight end who makes plays for his offense. Much like the Patriots Bill League5 Champ is a playoff team.

Catch A Falling Star--Regular Season grade: C+
Similar to the Dallas Cowboys Catch A Falling Star had a QB situation( I know he got hurt) where the quarterback was not clutch enough to lead this team to the playoffs. A very talented group of wide receivers certainly helped this team but a somewhat mediocre run game did not help them enough. This team easily could have made the playoffs but the dropped 4 out of their last 5 which is quite disappointing.

DiscoBalls--Regular Season grade: B+
Similar to the Detroit Lions DiscoBalls a very good pass focused offense with Peyton Manning and Brandon Marshall. Although Antonio Brown has more fantasy points than Marshall I see him more of as a more talented receiver. Also a reliable run game that get the needed points to help this team win. Another comparison is that the games DiscoBalls loses are tough because the other team just puts up a slightly higher point total similar to the Lions.

Feel the Bernz-- Regular Season grade:D+
Similar to the Atlanta Falcons Feel the Bernz let down expectations. Injuries plagued his team. Before the injuries plagued this team he had a pretty good receiving core with one of the best tight ends in the league. He had a quarterback who could put up a lot of fantasy points and a decent run game (After trading AP). Unfortunately bad luck with injuries killed this season for Bernz.

FightingLebowskis-- Regular Season grade: B+
Similar to the Indianapolis Colts FightingLebowskis had a good QB situation whose stats weren't perfect (Tom Brady didn't play well at the beginning of the season)This is team that has two big play wide receivers who are also fairly reliable. A tight end who is good that won't put up a ton of stats. A run game that makes plays when it needs too but might not always play fantastic. This team has some depth and may be able to make a playoff run.

Gettlemania--Regular Season Grade:A
Similar to the Denver Broncos Gettlemania has a team with fantastic wide receivers who are both fairly reliable and playmakers. Matthew Stafford puts up great fantasy points because he throws it so much. Much like the Denver Broncos Gettlemania has a run game that is very consistent and gets in the end zone a decent amount. Theres lots of depth on this team and it is quite talented It could easily make a playoff run.

Lana...Lana...LANA--Regular Season Grade: D-
Similar to the Houston Texans Lana..Lana...LANA had a very rough season. Both teams had a run game that was plagued by injuries. Lana...Lana...Lana had iffy quarterback play before trade for Brees. However unlike the Texans Lana...Lana...LANA did not have an elite wide receiver. Lana...Lana...LANA is lucky I did not give them an F for their pathetic team this season.

Mighty Melonheads--Regular Season Grade: B+
Similar to the Philadelphia Eagles Mighty Melonheads's regular season wasn't great but the guaranteed themselves a playoff spot by winning a mediocre division. Mighty Melonheads has a good run game that can up a lot of points on an opponent. Mighty Melonheads also had two big playmaking wide receivers in Vincent Jackson and Victor Cruz which is better than Phillys one. Last but not least Melonheads had the emergence of a young receiver in Keenan Allen some what similar to the emergence of Riley Cooper.

Panthers for Life--Regular Season grade: C
Similar to the Buffalo Bills Panthers for life had two decent if not fairly good wide receivers. He had a backfield that had plenty of talent but just simply underperformed. When he traded away Brees he was left with a mediocre quarterback situation. The tight end on this team is above average but not fantastic. Many members underperformed on this team which did not help his cause. All that smack talking you did with Bernz at the beginning of the season seemed to work out for you because you finished with a better record than him.

THE BLASTERS-- Regular Season grade: C
Similar to the Chicago Bears THE BLASTERS had a decent run game who made plays sometimes. A quarterback situation that was pretty nice with two quarterbacks that are pretty decent. The wide receivers on this team are good but did not perform well this season.The defense definitely helped this team out. In all honestly I was pretty disappointed in this team I thought Shank would be more into smack talking and I guess he wasnt lucky enough to have that great of a team this year.

Now thats the end of your fantasy season for a lot of members. But not for the special six that will be moving on to the playoffs. Now I really expect the smack talking to get rammed up because this is it the most competitive time in fantasy football. Get Pumped!!!!

Let the smack talk begin

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