Fantasy Football Playoff Update: CSR1

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Editor's Note: We apologize for a 2nd post on the CSR 1 fantasy results as myself and Brian both took up the assignment without realizing the other one was going to do it. Brian's was so much better than mine I just couldn't let it go to waste. With all this talk of REAL LIFE playoff chances, one must not forget another coinciding story line... FANTASY PLAYOFFS.

It's been a rollercoaster ride of a season for a lot of fantasy owners, with the fantasy irrelevance of players like Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Roddy White, and others. In addition, injuries can have a ripple effect on fantasy football. Injuries to quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Jake Locker, Michael Vick, and pretty much every quarterback on the Browns has forced a lot of fantasy owners to work the waiver wire. Even the greatest of drafts before week 1 probably needed to find some alternatives to their game day roster in order to make the playoffs. And all of this is no different for your very own CSR1. Let's take a look at the playoff standings as of now.

Current Standings:

Division 1

*3 avatar Punters' Rights 9-4-0 3-0-0 1349.38 1193.82 W-4 10 13
*6 avatar Cardiac Cats 8-5-0 2-2-0 1272.36 1240.22 L-1 7 23
12 avatar Southern Beatdown 4-9-0 0-3-0 1197.02 1304.32 L-6 1 21

Division 2

*2 avatar Starpocalypse Now 9-4-0 1-1-0 1430.62 1255.48 W-1 11 6
*5 avatar Bricks 8-5-0 1-2-0 1285.48 1154.58 L-3 8 28
7 avatar TravelleingWillburys 6-7-0 2-1-0 1232.64 1247.72 W-2 6 48

Division 3

*4 avatar Kalil Me Maybe 6-7-0 3-0-0 1402.78 1402.44 L-1 9 27
8 avatar The Kickass Unicorns 5-8-0 0-3-0 1246.02 1288.38 L-3 5 31
10 avatar DeLong-est Yard 5-8-0 1-1-0 1140.66 1320.72 W-3 3 24

Division 4

*1 avatar FC Carolina 9-4-0 2-1-0 1470.04 1313.06 W-1 12 22
9 avatar Man vs. Fua'd 5-8-0 3-1-0 1185.02 1351.52 W-2 4 7
11 avatar Ron's Swan Song 4-9-0 0-3-0 1229.16 1368.92 L-2 2 15

Last standings update: Tue Dec 03 01:56am PST

Last Week's Breakdown:

Heading into week 13, we had ourselves quite the dead heat last week, as the top five teams in the league were all tied at an 8-4 record. The tiebreaker at the time was points, but week 13 was an important tie breaker week, as each team could potentially win one more game and keep the rankings as is. All except for Brian's Punters' Rights and Jaxons Cardiac Cats, who battled for the top of Division 1. This game meant the difference between a 3rd seed and a 5-6th seed in the playoffs.

Week 13 Summary

Top Player Matchup Summaries
Reggie BushReggie Bush
  • 22.20 Points

TravelleingWillburys 106.74, Southern Beatdown 93.34

With 22.20 points, Reggie Bush led TravelleingWillburys (6-7, 1,232.64) in scoring, helping them knock off Southern Beatdown (4-9, 1,197.02), 106.74 - 93.34.

Josh GordonJosh Gordon
  • 40.10 Points

DeLong-est Yard 104.94, Bricks 91.68

DeLong-est Yard (5-8, 1,140.66) earned a 104.94 - 91.68 win over Bricks (8-5, 1,285.48), thanks in part to Josh Gordon, who led the team with 40.10 points. The 104.94 points put up by DeLong-est Yard was the lowest winning score of the week and the win was the team's third straight.

Alshon JefferyAlshon Jeffery
  • 40.90 Points

Starpocalypse Now 115.18, The Kickass Unicorns 85.32

With 40.90 points, Alshon Jeffery led Starpocalypse Now (9-4, 1,430.62) in scoring, helping them beat The Kickass Unicorns (5-8, 1,246.02), 115.18 - 85.32.

Eric DeckerEric Decker
  • 43.40 Points

FC Carolina 157.42, Kalil Me Maybe 117.72

FC Carolina (9-4, 1,470.04) had a record-setting performance, putting up the highest score in the league this season to beat Kalil Me Maybe (6-7, 1,402.78), 157.42 - 117.72. FC Carolina scored 38.5% more points than projected (113.63), the team's highest percentage of the season.

Ben RoethlisbergerBen Roethlisberger
  • 23.38 Points

Man vs. Fua'd 109.28, Ron's Swan Song 98.20

With 23.38 points, Ben Roethlisberger led Man vs. Fua'd (5-8, 1,185.02) in scoring, helping them beat Ron's Swan Song (4-9, 1,229.16), 109.28 - 98.20. The 11.08-point margin of victory was the smallest in the league this week.

DeMarco MurrayDeMarco Murray
  • 28.20 Points

Punters' Rights 126.42, Cardiac Cats 60.20

Thanks to 28.20 points from DeMarco Murray, Punters' Rights (9-4, 1,349.38) waxed Cardiac Cats (8-5, 1,272.36), 126.42 - 60.20. The 66.22-point margin was the largest of the season for Punters' Rights and the win was the team's fourth straight.

Let's take a look at our combatants in the playoffs.

FC Carolina (Mike's Team) (1st Seed)

Lead by Peyton Manning, Matt Forte, and Knowshon Moreno (and Carolina's consistent defense), FC Carolina finds themselves at the top of the league with 1470 total points, the top total in all of the league. FC wasn't able to pull away from the pack record wise, but his high powered team did a fine job guiding him to greatness. FC Carolina thoroughly wrapped up Division 4 with four more wins than the 2nd ranked team in the division. FC Carolina has a bye going in to week 14, and will play the winner of the 4th and 5th seed matchup.

Starpocalypse Now (BW's team) (2nd seed)

Really? BW managed to become a top seed? Something's wrong here. I don't buy it.

Lead by Drew Brees, Andre Johnson, and Alshon Jeffrey, BW's team is loaded with weapons at the receiving positions with Wes Welker and Vernon Davis also in tow. After starting the season off 2-2, BW made a nice push for the playoffs in the final 9 weeks, losing only two games in that span. BW's team may have to face Crawford's team in the playoffs however, who finished second behind BW in Division 2 with only one win less. BW's team will have a bye, facing off against the winner of the 3rd and 6th seed matchup.

Punters' Rights (Brian's team) (3rd seed)

I mean lets be honest with ourselves. This team is CLEARLY the favorite to win it all.

Lead by Matthew Stafford, Jamaal Charles, and Pierre Garcon, Brian's team poses a dangerous rushing attack with Maurice Jones-Drew and Demarco Murray also on roster. Brian's team came back from a 5-4 record Week 9 by storming the division and taking the top spot with a four game winning streak, with 3 wins being over playoff contenders. Brian hopes to ride this win streak into the playoffs as he faces divisional rival Jaxon's Cardiac Cats in the wild card. This marks the third time these two teams have met and the second game in a row, and the last time these two teams met Brian won the division with the biggest blowout of the week (126.42-60.20). Can Brian pull off a third win over Jaxon's team? (Spoiler: He TOTES can)

Kalil Me Maybe (Tater's Team) (4th seed)

Tater's team sports the only record with more than 5 losses, but don't be fooled by the W/L column. Lead by Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Lesean McCoy, and Jimmy Graham, Tater's team finished with the 3rd highest total points score at 1402, and sports a perfect 3-0 division record. While Tater may have won the division, it is clear it was a hard fought battle as both Evan's team and Jonathan's team were only one game behind him. Kalil Me Maybe faces Bricks for the second time this season in the wild card round, sporting a win over Bricks the first time they met.

Bricks (Crawford's Team) (5th seed)

Lead by Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, AJ Green, and Brandon Marshall, Crawford sports some great depth with Nick Foles and Vincent Jackson. Crawford's team clinched a playoff spot last week along with division rival Starpocalypse Now, the only question remaining was how the seeding would go. Well, unfortunately for Bricks, Starpocalypse now pulled out a win over the Kickass Unicorns while Bricks lost to DeLong-est Yard. Bricks will now face Kalil Me Maybe for the chance to take on the best team in the league thus far in FC Carolina.

Cardiac Cats (Jaxon's Team) (6th seed)

Lead by Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson, and Demaryius Thomas, Jaxon sports another dangerous team. Though Jaxon clinched the last spot in the playoffs, a win over Brian would have easily given him the 3rd seed. But, c'est la vie. Jaxon has the perfect chance to avenge his two losses and his division title loss by defeating Brian this week. Can Jaxon do it? (Spoiler: Nope).

There you have it Panther fans. We will be bringing you an update each week of the fantasy playoffs for all of our loyal readers. Share with us how your teams are doing! Share with us how each other CSR league is doing! And who do you think will win CSR1? Vote for the winner in the poll!

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