CSR1 Fantasy Football Playoff Brackets are Set

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The CSR Fantasy Football regular season is over and the field has been culled in half. So how did you do? Did you make the playoffs?

Yours truly and my Cardiac Cats squeaked into the CSR1 playoffs with the #6 seed. I'll be facing Brian B and his Punter's Rights team (I always assume this is BW's team). I usually would spout some false bravado at this point on how I'm going to triumph but honestly I can't even go there. Brian just squashed me by 66 points in the season finale and now I have to play him again. On top of that my team is in shambles. I literally just picked up four players off waivers and will be playing them. Even with these guys Yahoo has me as 18 point dogs to Brain pre-game. So obviously I need something just short of miracle to advance just one week.

Here's our CSR1 playoff bracket:


#1 FC Carolina (Ivan)

#2 Starpocalypse Now (BW Smith)

Wildcard Match-ups:

#3 Punter's Rights (Brian B) vs. #6 Cardiac Cats (Jaxon) (+18)

#4 Kalil Me Maybe (Tater) vs. #5 Bricks (Crawford) (-8)

Our Lovable Loser's Bracket:


#7 Travelling Willbury's (Rick B)

#8 The Kickass Unicorns (Evan)


#9 Man. vs Fua'd (James Dator) vs. #12 Southern Beatdown (Southtunnel) Dang what happened ST?

#10 DeLongest Yard (J DeLong) vs. #11 Ron's Swan Song (Cyberjag) How ironic is that team name now?

CSR Playoff Path Forward:

Over the next three weeks we will crown the champion for CSR leagues CSR 1 through CSR 13. Then we will compare total points of the 13 league winners and declare an overall winner based on who has the most points of the winners. Sound like a plan.

So to the League Managers for CSR 2 through CSR 12 (I manage CSR 13 as well) please either submit a quick listing of your six playoff teams (CSR member username preferred if you know it) in the the comment thread or preferably put up your own fanpost on it.

I will front page all CSR league fanposts unless they are NSFW! (But CSR2 feel free to keep it NSFW if you choose. Those are quite funny)

CSR 13 Playoff Bracket:

Honestly I don't know all of the member usernames in this league but here's what I do know:


#1 Electrichead (Ryan)

#2 Star Lite Star Brite (Brad D)

Wildcard Match-ups

#3 Montucky Marauders (Cole) vs. #6 WikiKuechs (VTPanthers)

#4 'Shipwreckers (Lost Terrapin) vs. #5 The Blasters (Shankdiddy)

I was in line for the #6 seed until losing in the season finale and dropping to #7 on the tiebreakers. Damn you VTPanthers!

Seriously good luck to everyone, pray for no injuries and may the ball bounce your way.

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