Panthers 27 Bucs 6: The Internet Responds

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the initial reactions from the Panthers win over the Bucs.

The Gazette hands out it's grades. I was most impressed with the running game that able to churn the clock protecting a lead late in the game:

Panthers-Buccaneers grades - NFL - Gaston Gazette
RUN OFFENSE: For the third straight week, Cam Newton led the Panthers in rushing (5 carries, 68 yards), but with DeAngelo Williams sidelined by injury, the combination of Newton, Mike Tolbert and Jonathan Stewart helped the team churn for 163 yards, a 4.8 average and a critical fourth-down TD by Newton. Grade: A

The fact Newton has lead the team in rushing doesn't bother me as it just means he is taking advantage of the defenses inability to contain him. You know it has to demoralize a defense when Cam sprints for 50 on you after narrowly missing a sack!

Of course Steve Smith had a little positive to say, who of course had the key block downfield (yet again) that allowed Newton to get the edge.

Panthers 27, Buccaneers 6
"You can attribute (the win streak) to growth on this team, I think in everybody," wide receiver Steve Smith said. "It's 11 guys doing their jobs, doing their assignments. We've been doing it as a team. That's what you're seeing – us evolve as a good, consistent team." After falling behind 3-0, Newton ignited the Carolina offense with a 56-yard scramble. Newton ran left and thought about going down for a solid 15-yard gain. Then he realized Smith sealed off cornerback Darelle Revis, and he went for more. "I couldn't have done it without the block by Steve," Newton said.

Of course the always vocal Greg Hardy wasn't about to be silent either:

Panthers get franchise-record 8th straight victory | The Greenville News |

"There is no roof, no sky," defensive end Greg Hardy said. "We’re going up. Every person on this team, every coach on this team has the same mentality right now. I feel like it’s contagious. Fans are getting it. They feel like they can’t be beat."

I'm pretty sure I'm feeling it too. So different from prior seasons and the first quarter of the season when the Panthers would instead find a new way to lose. Now we find ways to win. Kind of like how Ted Ginn found a way to toast one of the best CBs in football for a TD:

How Carolina Panthers' Ted Ginn beat Darrelle Revis -

"I tried to give him the same (effort) as I always do, and it worked," Ginn said, per The Charlotte Observer. "It's going to be something that he's going to have in the back of his mind. From here on out (Revis and I are) going to continue to be that duo that fights. I know next time when I see him, it's going to be on."

I'm hoping you do see him again Teddy, as long as you are wearing electric blue.

Honestly half of the links I found were more about the Panthers next game than the one they just finished. Last nights loss will amplify that. Ron Rivera has done the same but we would expect that

Panthers at Saints: NFC South showdown set | Carolina Panthers |

"Defensively, Rob Ryan is doing what he does, (and) that’s attacking," Rivera said. "He’s using different personnel groups. He’s using different defensive alignments. He’s attacking from all different directions."

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