CSR's College Bowl Prospect Watch-List

Hello CSR, it's ThePirate here and I've got a confession to make. I'm a draftnik. I watch both NFL and college football constantly and wanted to create an archive of players in the bowl games that were players of interest. Feel free to contribute any college football player you are excited about to add to this Fanpost. At the least we will be able to watch one live, yet important game of that player. I'll start with some obvious guys that I'm really excited about as big weapons:

Austin Seferian-Jenkins


276 lbs

Possibly the total package that we could use to help both our offensive line and our receiving game. He was injured this season and ended up being severely under-utilized in my honest opinion by Washington. While they were focused on racking up the yards with speed, ASJ was catching nothing but TD passes. I've seen people criticize his blocking, but I would say that he's actually pretty strong in this area. He is a monster run blocker and can man handle pass rushers at times. Most of all he's the red zone and chain moving threat that can line up every down on offense.

Fight Hunger Bowl Vs. BYU

3 receptions

37 yards, 17 yards was his longest

1 TD on an open hot route when he beat the mike linebacker in coverage. High pass where only ASJ could reach it.

Brandon Coleman

Standing at 6'6" 220 pounds, this receiver appears to be the classic boom or bust draft pick. He has a wiggle in open space that no man his size should that is second only to Cam Newton. He also always seems to beat a guy deep at least once or twice a game by using his athleticism. The only worry here is that his route running is a huge question mark. He's got good hands and doesn't drop a lot of passes otherwise. His biggest antagonist the whole season has been the atrocious QB play. It's almost a Keenan Allen situation.

Pinstripe Bowl Vs. Notre Dame:

2 receptions

65 yards receiving: 51 yards was the longest reception and he had a 14 yard TD on a corner route.

1 TD

Touchdown at 0:16:

Eric Ebron


245 lbs

This guy makes me giddy to pick if we ever have a shot at him. He's likely to be an elite threat at the next level when utilized correctly and will create mismatches on athleticism alone. Also read posts about him being porous as a blocker and I don't get it. He looks lanky, but this guy is strong and handles most of his blocks very well. Constantly leaping over defenders, making dazzling catches, and amassing almost 900 yards in a pro-style offense is just impressive at the tight end position. The only problem I'm seeing is that he doesn't get to the end zone very often, which might be worrisome or might be scheming.

Belk Bowl Vs. Cincinatti

7 reception

78 yards

17 yards was his longest reception.

There you have it. My take on a few offensive picks that have played their bowl games. Feel free to post on guys who haven't played yet so I can put them on my watch-list! The goal is to have a solid selection of draft picks and to get an idea of what you guys are looking for this draft aside from obvious BPA. Right now, it looks like a 50 50 split on OL and WR. Both areas of need that cannot go another year without attention.

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