The CSR 1 & 13 FFL Winners are...

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Beversluis and his Punter's Rights team beat Taters' Kalil Me Maybe 105.18 to 96.82. In CSR 13, Electrichead beat Star Lite Star Bright 96.80 to 60.

In order to determine the overall winner we need to post the total points from the regular season among the league winners:

CSR 13 Electric Head (#1 seed) - 1291.40

CSR 1 Punter's Rights - (#3 Seed) - 1349.38

So as it stands right now Brian is in the lead for the overall title until all of the other leagues, CSR 2 through CSR 12, post their winner's and their point total.

League Manager's Please Post your winner's total in the comment thread even if it doesn't not beat Brian's total.

Congrats to Brian for beating a league composed mostly of the CSR staff:

DeMarco Murray put up 23.10 points and Pierre Garcon scored 20.40 as Punters' Rights took down Kalil Me Maybe, 105.18 - 96.82. Punters' Rights has been just plain unbeatable and has now won seven straight. This is a repeat performance for Punters' Rights over Kalil Me Maybe, after a 126.62 - 81.50 shellacking in Week 6. Kalil Me Maybe ended the regular season in fourth place with a record of 6-7. In terms of scoring average, they ranked slightly better (second with 109.21). They played in a pair of previous postseason games this year. In their last game, Kalil Me Maybe took down FC Carolina, 118.58 - 88.46. The week before, they slipped by Bricks, 129.18 - 126.46.

In CSR 13:

ElectricHead destroyed Star Lite Star Brite 96.80 - 60.00 behind Peyton Manning, whose 40.00 points were the highest score this week. ElectricHead now has four blowout wins on the year. ElectricHead has been unstoppable after winning their last six matchups in a row. This is a repeat performance for ElectricHead over Star Lite Star Brite, after an 89.10 - 64.86 win in Week 10. Both sides missed scoring opportunities as ElectricHead had one starter turn in zero points and Star Lite Star Brite had two. Star Lite Star Brite wrapped up the regular season with a record of 9-4, good for second place. When considering points per game, they ranked slightly worse (fourth with 102.33). In their only other postseason game of the season, Star Lite Star Brite slipped by WikiKuechs, 136.44 - 133.20. Star Lite Star Brite handed out their fair share of epic beatdowns this year, as they tallied seven blowout victories on the season.

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