The Question has to be asked!!

It's the final countdown, the brawl of all brawls, the Monsters in the Carolina blue. Showdown Time!!

2003 Carolina Panthers, that took the NFL by storm (shortly) or the new Banging Blue Wreckin Crew, 2013 Carolina Panthers. Time for some Position Comparisons

Cam Newton vs. Jake Delhomme. Many may laugh at this comparison, but in his prime Jakey was arguably ELITE, but CAA CAA CAAAAAMMMMMM is the the new face of the Panthers, and the best athlete to enter the NFL since Randall Cunningham. I give the Edge to Cam Newton, for amazing athletisism, and unbelievable Maturation since last year, no more hanging heads, because his smile lights up the NFL.
Edge 2013: 1. 2003. 0

D-LO, J-STEW, and Mike Tolbert The big blue Bowling Ball, vs. Stephen Davis, Brad HOOOOOOOOVER, and Deshaun Foster.

Wow, it seems we have always had Great running backs over the years, D-LO vs Deshaun Foster? D-LO has the agility like Deshain did before his knees became an issue on the later edges of his career. at this time D-LO is out performing him, because Deshain didnt have many chances, he only finished the year with 437 yards. Edge D-LO.
quickly rounding up the RBs, Stephen Davis takes the edge, and Tolbert definatly takes the edge.

2013 Panthers: 3, 2003 Panthers: 1

Oline was better in 2003

2013 panthers 3: 2003 Panthers: 2

Wide Receiver edge across the board goes to 2003 Panthers

2013 Panthers: 3. 2003 Panthers: 5

Moving to the D-Fence.

De's. A clash of the titans, Julius Peppers, and Mike Rucker vs Greg Hardy, and Charles Johnson.
WOOH what a battle. But in the End JP, and Mike Rucker take the Cake

2013 Panthers 3, 2003 Panthers 6

Interior Line
Another good showdown, Star Lotulelei, and Dwan Edwards VS. Kris Jenkins, and Brentson Buckner.
2013 Panthers interior take the Cake

2013 Panthers 4, 2003 Panthers 6

Line backing Corps
Hmmmm interesting, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Aj Klein, VS Dan Morgan, Greg Favors, and Will Witherspoon. Current Panthers take the Cake for me, Kuechly is the best Linebacker in the League (without a doubt) and Thomas Davis is Playing Elite.

2013 Panthers 5, 2003 Panthers 6

Wooh it is getting Close. 2003 Panthers CB's vs Current Cb's. No debate here hahaha

2013 Panthers 5, 2003 Panthers 7

They're pulling away

Safety's 2003 panthers Deon Grant, and Mike Minter VS Mike Michell, and Robert Lester/ Quintin Mikell
I'm gonna go balls out and Claim that the new safety's are better (i'm choking my pride down as i say it)

2013 Panthers 6, 2003 Panthers 7

IT'S OVER, wait a minute, you forgot something?

oh Yes John Kasey vs Graham Gano.
Oh god why?

Elite vs Elite? John Kasey 32 out of 38, Graham Gano 12 out of 18

WINNER John Kasey for the tie breaker (always had the ice in his veins when it mattered)

Final Score 2013 Panthers 6, 2003 Panthers 8.

Agree? Or not?

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