Panther Paw Prints: Sunday Morning Edition

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Here are some links for your Sunday morning reading before the action starts.

You might recall what Jets LB Barnes said after the Panthers loss to the Bills. Rivera was asked about that comment.

Rivera: Jets can talk, we'll show up and play - Carolina Panthers Blog - ESPN

On the comment by Barnes, who is on injured reserve with a knee injury suffered in Week 5, Rivera said: "That's fine. The too bad thing for Antwan is he's not playing. We'll show up on Sunday and play.'' On the secondary comment, Rivera said: "It's the way it is. People are going to say what they want to say. That's fine. You play them on Sunday to find out.'' The Panthers, by the way, are 11 point favorites.

I love it..."we will show up and play" also implies..."while you sit and watch".

I find this response by Rivera interesting:

Jonathan Stewart could miss only one game - ESPN
"I was fired up because he gave me a pretty positive response," Rivera said on Friday. Stewart, who spent the first seven games on the physically unable to perform list recovering from offseason ankle surgery, isn't letting the injury get him down. "It's like anything in life, you've got to deal with it," he said. "I can't tell you really what to expect. You can look at other guys and, based off that, hope. All I know is I've just got to get back. "Whenever that is, I don't know."

So we know 'Snoop' Stewart is a real subdued fellow most of the time but this time he mustered up some enthusiasm when Rivera asked him about his knee. I'm betting Stewart knows the season is running short and feels the need to assure the coaches he will get back on the field. He doesn't want to go on IR with the playoffs eminent.

Speaking of playoffs, that is one thing Panthers rookie DT Star Lolulelei has on his competition for DROY:

W2W4: New York Jets at Carolina Panthers - New York Jets Blog - ESPN

Rookie defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson didn't take any shots at the Panthers, but his remark about how he'd be the No. 1 overall pick in a re-draft is sure to raise eyebrowns in the Panthers' locker room. They, too, have a promising rookie defensive tackle, Star Lotulelei, who is battling Richardson and Buffalo Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Richardson and Lotulelei were drafted 13th and 14th, respectively. Richardson has been more productive, but Lotulelei could have a bigger game, especially if he's facing struggling rookie left guard Brian Winters.

Speaking of Star here's a good piece on his conversation with Richardson at the combine. I instead pasted in a humorous quote from Kawann Short, who had Thanksgiving dinner with Star's family:

Panthers’ DT Star Lotulelei, a man of few words, makes a big impact | Carolina Panthers | Rock Hill Herald Online
"I can’t even pronounce what he had. It was like some noodles that they had back where he’s from," Short said. "It wasn’t bad at all."

It's wasn't 'bad'...ha ha ha definitely different from what he is used too.

Newton throws out an interesting analogy:

How to cure a football hangover - Carolina Panthers Blog - ESPN

"Wins,'' he said. "Wins are the best cure. That's it. More football. That's the thing about it. You get another opportunity to right the wrongs from the week before. It's not always a terrible thing.'' Cornerback Drayton Florence doesn't believe there are hangovers in football. At least not with good teams, and he believes the Panthers (9-4) are a good team. "Be a professional,'' he said. "No matter if you win or lose, you're always on to the next opponent. I don't think it will be a problem for our team. You win or lose, you get over it in a 24-hour period. If you're still worried about last week, obviously, you're not going to be as prepared as you should be this week. "One game doesn't make our season. One game doesn't spoil our season.''

I'll buy the message in this next one:

Loss to Saints not blueprint for rest of NFL - Carolina Panthers Blog - ESPN

"We didn't do anything that Seattle did, or tried to do,'' Carolina safety Mike Mitchell said. "I don't think the league works like that. The league is about matchups and personnel. The Jets have a completely different personnel group, different players, so they can't do what the Saints do. "Whatever their strengths are, they're going to try to do that to beat us. They're not going to try to run the Saints' offense, because they don't have the Saints' players.''

Big shout out to a Panthers tailgating legend:

Longtime Carolina Panthers tailgater to retire |

"We’re always undefeated out here," Jackson said before the Dec. 1 game. "We’ve never lost a tailgate, and our boys are ready to send us out in style," referring to the 9-4 Panthers of 2013, who play the New York Jets on Sunday.

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