Format Change: Cat Scratch Radio Tonight 10pm ET

Join the call to talk about all the latest Carolina Panther news and notes.

Format change:

Since it looks like I'll be riding solo as host going forward due to on-going schedule conflicts with James and BW I've settled into a different format I've found to be a little more enjoyable. Honestly I was close to shutting CSR radio down because I just wasn't having fun but I've changed my tune after experimenting a little the past two weeks.

So I'll start with my opening comments as usual and then I will open it up to callers pretty quickly but I'm going to unmute them one at time, giving each caller who wants to talk a couple minutes to have their say. I will move through the list in order of call in until everyone has a chance to speak or we run out of time. You don't have to speak. It's okay to just listen. If we get through the list I may open it up to select persons for general conversations, just depending on how it goes. As I unmute lines I will call out the first 6 digits of your number as your queue so pay attention.

Sound good?

1. Follow this link to listen, chat or even join the conversation through Blog Talk Radio. You'll need a headset with a mic to talk if you don't dial in via land line (see below). A cell phone will work but usually the quality of the call presents a problem.

2. Dial in via land line at (626) 213-5738 to just listen or talk as well. You can also follow the chat at the same time through the link above. If you join the chat please take time to include your user name. You can do both as well, chat via Blog talk Radio chat box and dial in via land line to talk. If you have a bad connection, background noice or other issue I reserve the right to mute you.

All Callers Welcome!

If you should miss the show you can always download the first hour of any past episode from Blog Talk Radio by clicking this link. If you would like to listen to our archived episodes from Talkshoe, you can find those here.

Tonight's Host: Jaxon

On tonight's docket:

  • Panthers 13 Saints 31 Recap and discussion
  • Injury Updates
  • Preview: Jets @ Panthers
  • Fantasy Starts and Sits
  • Other Panther news & discussion
  • Best of CSR for the last week

The show will have a stop between 11:00 and 11:30 pm ET provided we start on time (90 minute show max)

So join us for a little fun and Panther camaraderie!

Keep Pounding!

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